Jetpack Shooting is the sixth mission in Episode 2: A Cold, Cold War in the game Thieves Be Forever.


  • Defeat the enemy guards


The mission marker is located in the atop the nearby shack, a rooftop guard is patrolling so be careful.

  • Bentley: Carmelita, you're not gonna like this, but Vostok is sending guards at our Safehouse to kill us!
  • Carmelita: Stop worrying! Worrying is for crybabies!
  • Bentley: Uh yeah right, but these guards are flying with the device invented by Vostok!
  • Carmelita: So! No matter if air or water, I will crisp these fishes!
  • Bentley: I'll send in Murray to help with ground units, be careful guys!
  • "Murray Arrives"
  • Murray: Bentley said you needed extra muscle! "Flexes his muscles"
  • Carmelita: Yes Murray, you'll need to take care of the ground units, I'll take care of the airborn ones.
  • Murray: No Sweat!
  • Vostok: Attention! Direct attacks to Cooper Safehouse! Show him what fishes are!
  • Murray: Time for some skull crushing!

1st wave of guards: Many Evil Eels and Mutant Krill will hover to you while throwing bombs or lasers. Once you defeat the 32 guards above, gameplay will switch to Murray. On the ground, many Menacing Sharks are heading to the Safehouse and will start shooting at it, if the Safehouse's health depletes, its job failed. Defeat the 10 Sharks and the next wave will appear.

  • Vostok: What! Gill Air 2.0 is failing! How do they do it!? Direct attacks to fox cop & pink hippo if they attack! "Vostok through intercom"

2nd wave: Many rooftop guards will hover and also ram you if they get the chance, they also throw bombs & homing missiles. Once you beat 45 guards, a flashlight guard will hover around too, this guy shoots faster harpoons and disastrous bombs, he also takes 15 shots to defeat (5 with charged shot). Once you beat him, control will switch to Murray, rooftop guards and flashlight guards will run to the Safehouse. Defeat 30 of them and you will go to the last phase.

  • Vostok: I misunderstood fox cop & hippo, they real good. More firepower!

3rd phase: With Carmelita, no rooftop guards will be present, only flashlight guards and there is also a harpoon cannon in the background shooting harpoons at the Safehouse, destroy the cannon and the 5 flashlight guards. Control will switch to Murray, only flashlight guards will appear, defeat 20 flashlight guards and you will win.

  • Murray: YEAH! That's Right stupid whale! We've beat your army! Anymore things for me to destroy!
  • Vostok: Hmmmm, Cooper Gang is strong, probably time for that secret weapon, my beautiful pet. "Menacing laugh"
  • Bentley: Woah! Its great to see you guys okay, I thought you were fish bait!
  • Carmelita: The only fish bait here is that dumb whale if he messes with us again!
  • Bentley: Come back to the Safehouse, we need to think about the operation.

Job Complete!

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