Jean Bison is an exclusive villain for the DLC pack "Klaww Returns". He is the boss of Alaska.
Jean Bison


As a young man, Jean participated in the 1880s Gold Rush but he took one too many chances and was buried in snow. After a few years, thanks to Global Warming, he thawed out and decided to tame the wild north and joined the Klaww Gang as Spice Transporter, using his Iron Horse trains. He was defeated by Bentley in a battle of brains vs brawn. He began working for the EPA but ended up frozen yet again. The couple of years passed and this year's summer was hot enough to melt Jean Bison's ice, he was furious and took over a part of Alaska along with his new trains "Steel Stallions".

Episode 4: Evil Lurks in the North, huh!

Alaska takeover

Jean thawed out of his icy prison and tamed once again the north this time, it was Alaska technically not a part of Canada. He constructed railroads for his Steel Stallions and a sawmill for his base of operations. He hired back his guards to secure the place and somehow, bears populated the area too. He planned to tame Alaska, and if all else is perfect, he will tame the U.S & Canada.

Sawmill Recon

Jean was seen when Sly was throwing photos for Bentley. He was negotiating with two of his rooftop guards.


Jean was going to the nearby bear cave with Sly following from behind, inside the cave, he placed GPS devices on the bears to track them wherever they go. He soon exited the cave.


While inside a cabin, Jean was talking through a small radio to an unknown mechanized voice, both were talking about uniting their plans for the whole world to tremble against the Klaww Gang. The plan was to depopulate all the people in the U.S and crown themselves rulers of the land.

Operation: Woo! Woo!

In the operation, Sly passed through Jean's train car without being noticed. In the end, Jean somehow got the word of the thieves and was "overjoyed" to see his old pals again. Bentley stepped up to battle Jean which the latter laughed and called Bentley "stew-pid" again, saying that Bentley got lucky in our last encounter. Jean jumped up the train's roof and the battle started.


The battle takes place in the Steel Stallion's roofs. Jean can swing his large staff or ram you, if you touch him, you'll get crushed. To attack him, wait until the train drives by a signpost, avoid the signpost and Bison will be stunned, attack him many times while he is stunned. He will call his rooftop guards to help him defeat you and throw dynamite. Repeat the process and you will win.


Jean was incarcerated and sent to prison. He spends his time talking with Monty which he is right next to.


Lumbering Moose

They serve as flashlight guards

Gruff Geese

Serve as rooftop guards

Wild Wolverines

Serve as rooftop guards


Jean Bison is arrogant and boastful, believing he could tame the north easily. He shows no respect for nature, cutting down trees, damming rivers and creating insert GPS in the local bears. He is also prejudice, calling Bentley names like "stew-pid" and other things. He is shown to be rather greedy.


Jean is a skilled lumberjack, not even cheating could beat him. He is shown to be durable and strong at the same time in his battle against Bentley.


Jean Bison is an anthropomorphic bison. He is red in color and wears a brown caveman like clothes that are somewhat ripped. He carries a staff that has 3 tails on them, possibly raccoon and fox. He wear purple fingerless gloves and also has a bullhorn necklace for unknown reasons.


  • Jean could be the 3rd oldest villain in the Sly series.
  • His last name Bison is pronounced like its French "bī-sõn".

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