" Where are those bandits! "growls" I'll find them later with my Ol'Bess !"
— Jaggar when out in the field

Jaggar is a Brazilian, military Melanistic Jaguar that Sly faces in Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever. He is faced in Episode 4: Terror in the Amazon.


Jaggar loved listening to his grandpa when he told stories about World War II which he was in. He was sent to a military school where he excelled in all subjects. As a teen, he graduated from his school and was sent to the military where he fought in wars and other things. As a grown man, he overthrowed his leader for trying to be leader himself and was kicked out of the military. He started his own group which consist of him and his guards. L.A.R gave him an offer to search for an Amazonian Rock Spider and extract its poison.

Amazon's Destruction

The gang arrived in the Amazon Jungle to see the place was full of fallen down trees. A camp site was stationed in the middle of the level and took half the level. The gang hid in a tree with a hole in it.

RC Following

Bentley whipped up his RC Car to follow Jaggar around the camp site. He recovered some valuable information such as he already found a Amazonian Rock Spider the only problem being extracting the poison. He went inside his gigantic fortress and closed the door to keep of intruders. The RC Car didn't get to go inside the fortress, after this, it was mission complete for Bentley.

Fight Atop a Fortress

After missions were completed, the operation was the only thing that remained. After the gang traversed Jaggar's fortress, they found Jaggar sitting in a chair underneath a ladder. He mocked the gang and insulted them because of the incarceration of his brother, El Jefe. He went up his ladder with Sly following from behind. They faced against each other on the rooftop of the fortress. Sly sent his first gun down the fortress, Jaggar got mad at this and pounced at Sly but missed and fell off his fortress.


Jaggar apparently, survived his fall and sent to jail. He was sent to a cell next to El Jefe's where they both talked about their adventures.
K5 E

Jaggar's K5 "railcar"


Sergeant Anteaters

These guards carry a minigun outfitted with a flashlight designed by Jaggar himself. They can use their long tongues and miniguns to attack close range. They wear explorer caps with camouflage clothes and are gray in color with a black stripe down his back.

Camo Sloths

Unlike their real counterparts, these guys are less lazy and carry small revolvers. They can also use their claws to attack. They are light-brown in color and wear camouflage outfits with camouflage caps.

Soldier Macaws

These birds carry a bow & arrows and can use their wings to attack intruders. They have the same colors of a real scarlet macaw. They wear camouflage outfits.


Jaggar is merciless and willing to destroy wildlife at any price. He is also fond of his first gun "Ol'Bess".


Jaggar is a Melanistic Jaguar that wears a sergeant outfit with a badge on his pocket. He also has scratches across his body. He also talks with a Brazilian accent.


Jaggar is an expert using guns. He can also pounce on enemy's if he gets truly mad. Other than those, he doesn't have many abilities.


  • Jaggar along with Vostok, Hyracles and Ivor.E, were not included in the original villain lineup art. In their place were El Jefe, a polar bear, a lioness and a sea lion.

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