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Jaded Jackal

Jaded Jackals are one of two varieties of rooftop guards that appear in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves in the episode Rob Like an Egyptian.

Physical description

The Jaded Jackals have grayish-brown fur and orange glowing eyes, as if their bodies were full of some otherworldly force. They wear headresses associated with the god Anubis, essentially making them look similar to the mystics of the time period. They also wear gold ceremonial robes.


The Jaded Jackals specialize in long-range spells to attack enemies with, and will yelp loudly to attract guards around them. They also lack the attack variety and physical attack strength of their arachnid counterparts.


  • Like all other guards in Ancient Egypt, the Jaded Jackals are based on animals associated with the God of Chaos, Set (or Seth). In this case, jackals were thought to be what the mythical "Set Animal" was, thus connecting this canid to Seth.

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