" Double...RAINBOW?!?!? Let me see! Let me see! Let me see!"
— Iris when hearing about the double rainbows

Iris is a anthropomorphic, bossy Norwegian Unicorn that appears in the game Sly Cooper 6: Thieves Back in Action. She is faced in Episode 5: The Cooper War!

A unicorn


Iris was raised by a wealthy family that spoiled her with anything and also annoyed her in front of her friends. Since she was a teenager, Iris didn't like this treatment and escaped from her house and started a life of crime in Norway. She was one of the recruited members from the mouses evil team.


Museum Meeting

When Sly was passing through a window in the museum in Paris to steal the artifacts required, Iris's shadow could be seen along with Wallace Gray, Lion S. Blandon, Don Karlos, Lóng Fu and the team's mysterious leader. She could be heard saying "Really, that place sucks!".


Despite being reluctant to going to Viking Age Norway, she was sent in time there. The Vikings upon seeing a unicorn, praised her and became her servants whom also doubled as guards. She build herself a wooden fort filled with lasers, spotlights and any kind of trap for security. When the Cooper Gang arrived here, they noticed the guard's searching for someone, Bentley deduced they were searching for Sly's Norwegian ancestor, Olaf Klank Cooper.

Inside the fort

Iris could be seen talking to her guards to guard her fortress while Sly entered the fort for a costume called "Pelt Costume".

Following through the fort

While Bentley followed her through her fort, she was seen doing her own operation being manufacturing some Viking weapons like axes and spears to use in present time to aid in her crimes.

Operation: Double Rainbow

One of the jobs in the operation was to create a rainbow to force Iris out of her fort, as soon as she exited the fort and saw the double rainbow, her eyes got larger and started dancing around happily while her guards looking at her funny. The gang entered the fort while she was distracted and destroyed all her weapons, when getting to the final weapon, an axe, she suddenly teleported there and pushed Sly back. She was angry for being outsmarted and then teleported somewhere, Murray then stood on the magical teleporting tile underneath to follow her. The place she went was a bright sky while the arena on a cloud with the background filled with rainbows, she fought Murray here with the axe she created while being powered up by the rainbows. Despite all that, she lost against Murray and left there.


After regressing to present time, she was sent to jail. She annoyed the other inmates due to her brighting up the cell.


As said before, the arena takes place high in the sky in a cloud while the background is filled with rainbows. Iris attacks include sending deadly rainbows, trying to ram you with her horn, sending homing thunderclouds, spinning wildly with her axe when close, or throw the axe like a boomerang. To hit her, wait until she stops following you while spinning and ends up dizzy, then attack her many times until she gets up. She will create a stairway made of clouds to scale up higher, follow her through the place. In the second phase, rooftop guards will assist her. Repeat the attacking steps and you will win.


All her guards carry a strong Viking weapon that really hurts if hit.

Viking Muskoxen

A Musk Ox

These bulky Ox carry bow to shoot arrows. They also wear a neck torch for flashlight. They can attack with their bows or horns when close. They wear a Viking helmet with a reindeer hide and also a small bag on their backs for arrows.

Thor's Hare

A mountain hare

These hares carry THE "Thor's Hammer" and is used to slam the ground, creating electricity and also throw electric orbs when at a distance. They wear a skull on their heads and gray armor in their bodys. They are white in color due to being winter and appear to struggle carrying the hammer.

Terrible Shrews

A common shrew

These little guys carry a spear with a gray kite shield to defend. They can swing the shield like a boomerang and can slash with their spears up close. They are gray in color and wear a Viking helmet with armor in their shoulders.


Iris has a bossy personality, she also has a diva attitude and throws tantrums when not satisfied. She is also seductive to her guards when they don't follow orders, she also likes money and when the team's evil leader turned money if she caught Olaf Klank Cooper's cane, she accepted as soon as she heard the word money, making her somewahat of a gold digger.


Iris is a female unicorn, she wears a pink vest with a rainbow design and eye shadow on her eyes. Her hooves are colored pink instead of black and she also wears pink pants along with a mouse logo.


Being a unicorn, Iris has magical powers that emanate from her horn. She also becomes more powerful when rainbows around but gets severely distracted if a double rainbow appears.


  • Iris is the 2nd most youngest villain in Sly Cooper, 1st being Penelope and 3rd possibly being Neyla. She has 19 years.
  • Iris's personality bears a resemblance to Ratchet & Clank minor villain Courtney Gears.

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