What a Croc!

In the Nile is the seventh mission in Ancient Egypt in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Have Ankh hypnotize the crocodiles.
  • Guide the crocodiles into the pen.
  • Get the first Ankh of Power.

How to Complete & Dialogue

Game-play begins with Bentley. The marker for the mission is located right next to the Nile River, near a sleeping camel. Once Bentley reaches the marker, this cutscene will begin.

  • Bentley: Sly, this is bad news! Take a look at those crocodiles!
  • Sly: It's the ones from the photos I took! They look awful!
  • Bentley: Apparently, they got extra hungry when some of the birds were taken by Qwerty and ate up some of the ships. Then they ventured out of the Nile River and began causing trouble throughout the city. But that's not the worst part. Remember how I told you that Qwerty recently moved all of his stuff to one of the pyramids?
  • Sly: Yeah. You were like "Big problem! BIG PROBLEM!". What about it?
  • Bentley: Unfortunately, these crocodiles are causing so much trouble that we have no choice but to take care of them first!
  • Sly: Are you serious? Great. Just great. Have any ideas on how to take care of them?
  • Bentley: Yes, actually. As it turns out, Ankh is a powerful hypnotist. She'll be able to get the crocodiles hypnotized, and we'll be able to lure them into a secure location. There's just one problem, though. Ankh is scared to death of crocodiles, so she can't go near them.
  • Murray: Maybe I can help! I can lift plenty of big animals!
  • Bentley: No, Murray, the crocodiles are too wild for you to handle. On the other hand, maybe you can knock some sense into those walking wallets.
  • Murray: Oh, I gotcha.
  • Bentley: Just don't come into physical contact with them when they're in a trance, Murray. It'll undo the hypnotism. Anyway, after that, we'll be needing Carmelita to get the crocodiles to the pen I set up. Now get going!
  • Murray: "The Murray" is ready for anything, Bentley!

Gameplay switches to Murray. He knocks out each crocodile then steps aside to allow Ankh to hypnotize them. Just do as Bentley says and don't come into contact with the one Ankh's already got while searching for the others or you'll have to help hypnotize them again. Game switches to Carmelita once Murray and Ankh are done.

  • Bentley: Okay Carmelita, use your Shock Pistol to lure the crocodiles to the pen I made. Maybe Ankh will show us how to tame these beasts.
  • Carmelita: Sounds like a loco plan, but I can handle it, Bentley. Let's do this!

All Carmelita needs to do is use the Shock Pistol to fire in front of the crocodiles, luring them to the sound of the blast. Do this enough times and in the right direction and Carmelita will lead each of the crocodiles to the pen. A cutscene will begin shortly afterward.

  • Carmelita: Alright, Bentley. The crocs are all in the pen. Now what?
  • Bentley: I'm beginning to pick up a strange energy reading from one of the crocodiles. Ankh, can you find out what's going on?
  • Ankh: (Ankh begins using her magic to detect the cause of the strange energy reading.) An Ankh of Power! One of the crocodiles ate one! Unfortunately, I can't tell which one it was. I have to get closer, but I don't want them to bite me.
  • Bentley: What's an Ankh of Power?
  • Ankh: Ankhs of Power provide countless magical abilities within the Temple of Anubis. No one is supposed to get near them, but it looks like one of Qwerty's men must've gotten one. That crocodile probably scared him off and ate the Ankh, though.
  • Bentley: Could this be why the crocodiles have gone nuts??
  • Ankh: No. There has to be another reason. Bentley, I'll try and make the crocodile of your choice regurgitate the Ankh of Power. Understood?
  • Bentley: Yes! I have the easy gig!

This final phase of the mission is a simple one. Just approach the crocodile with the glowing eyes and press the circle button. This will activate a cutscene.

  • Bentley: Ankh, I think you were sensing this crocodile. It's eyes are glowing slightly.
  • Ankh: Stand back. I'm about to get it to spit up the Ankh of Power. (Ankh uses her powers to make the crocodile feel sick. While doing so, Ankh also reads the crocodile's mind, seeing how the crocodile was removed from the Nile River. Ankh could see Penelope's RC Chopper flinging it out of the water, causing the others to dive into the water to avoid ending up like it. The crocodile eventually coughs up the Ankh of Power. All of the crocodiles head back to the Nile River where they belong.)
  • Bentley: Yes! You did it, Ankh! Great job!
  • Ankh: For a brief moment, I could see what caused these crocodiles to leave the river. They didn't just get up and venture off on their own. They were flung out of the water.
  • Bentley: Really? By what?
  • Ankh: I'm not sure. It appeared to be some kind of strange flying creature with stretching legs.
  • Bentley: Wait. Did the wings spin around?
  • Ankh: Yes. Yes they did. Do you know of this creature?
  • Bentley: Yes, and it's not a creature. I don't know about you, but it looks like Qwerty had some backup. And it's pretty obvious that it was someone we know...or at least thought we knew... (Bentley clenches a fist in anger.)

Job Complete

Pyramid Scheme


  • Credit for helping out with this mission goes to Justin Holland.

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