"Wait, I know who you are now! You are that Cooper!"
— Igor when he recognizes Sly

Igor was an anthropomorphic Russian brown bear who was Sergej's son. He appears in the Prologue in the game Sly Cooper: Lost Legend Thief.


Not much is known about his background, only that he didn't liked his fathers dirty job. When Sergej died, Igor became Kremlins chief, and no one knew about his father, besides himself. And Sly!


When Sly confronts him in his office, Igor first don't recognises him, but when he do, he gets scared, because he know that Sly know about Sergej. Sly threats him, because he want to know about the secret person. With no other choice, Igor tells Sly that the secret person are Sly's brother. Then, the duo sees a hand by the door, holding a recorder. Sly chases after him, but the eavesdropper detonates a bomb, that blows up the east side of Kremlin, where Igor's office is located. That probably killed him.


Being a brown bear, Igor have a appearance similar to The Grizz, but Igor's fur is brown. He have black goatiee and a crown, not similar to The Grizz's. He wears a black long-sleeved shirt with a lot of military buoys on it. He also wears silvery shoulder pads.



  • Get into Igor's office awards the player with the "In Another Life" trophy.

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