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"I Spy a Spy" is the first mission in "Revolution Justice" in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.


  • Follow the cloaked figure.

How to Complete and Dialogue

Sly must be selected for this job. The marker is on the fourth level of a collapsed building. There, Bentley will open Bentley Tech.

Bentley: Bad news, guys. It turns out that when we landed in Rob's universe, the dimensional sprocket was shaken loose. And so when we jumped, it fell out of place into an unknown dimension! Without it, there's no hope for us to get back where we came from!

Penelope: Well, what we CAN do at the moment is find out what kind of universe this is. It seems pretty high tech. It should be easy to find a new sprocket here.

Bentley: Good idea. And actually, I already have a candidate to do some snooping on. I've been seeing this strange guy moving around this warzone pretty often. He (or she) seems pretty suspiscious. I saw on my radar that the guy's close to your area now. I've sent Dëma and Rob to help you out just in case. It's simple. Follow this guy and find any information you can. Okay, I know it's not a lot, but it's all we can do at the moment. It's simple, but important to carry out. (closes Bentley Tech)

A cutscene immediately plays with Dëma and Rob showing up.

Benley: Hide guys. The target's coming your way.

The three hide behind some of the rubble in the building. They peek around to see a figure in a dark gray coat hoodie over a black turtleneck. The boots are black with gray soles and the gloves are blue. The figure's hood is up, masking his/her face. The weight of the raccoon trio causes a chunk of the floor of the building to break loose and land with a crash on the ground. The figure looks in their direction, having heard the crash. The three quickly duck behind the rubble. The figure pulls out a black binocucom and looks through it to see anything strange. Lowering it, s/he activates a hidden communicator near his face.

???: Hacker, this is The Agent. I got the file, but I also found three figures attempting to stop me from getting to headquarters. Install the DNA Identification function.

"Hacker": Roger that, Agent. Installing in 3, 2, 1. Success.

"The Agent": Merci, my hacking friend. ( holds up binocucom at the figures) What the...? Their genetic codes... hmmm, very suspiscious. (clicks a button on the side, before putting the binocucom away) Hacker, I'll need you to do a complete test on this DNA structure when I return to headquarters. Something fishy's going on. And I don't mean the manatees and eels.

"Hacker": Understood. Hacker out.

The figure begins moving forward with another glance at the trio's hiding spot.

Sly: Did you guys see that? He had a binocucom.

Dëma: A black one at that. And his voice... sounded a lot like ours.

Rob: Not to mention his tail looked like ours.

Sly and Dëma: (quirk an eyebrow) His tail? (both glance over the rubble to see a gray and black striped tail poking out of the end of the figure's coat)

Sly: So maybe, just maybe...

Bentley: Guys, what are you doing?! Your mission's to follow him!

Sly: But Bentley, it's possible that he's... this universe's Cooper.

Bentley: Well, then the importance to follow the guy is greater than ever! Now go!

Follow "The Agent". Try to stay behind rubble piles and on high grounds as much as you can to avoid being seen by him or guards. As the figure moves through the area, he pulls a dart sniper gun and shoots a guard that sees him, knocking them out. Once the raccoon reaches a rubble of rocks covering an entrance to a wrecked mall, a cutscene will start with him sliding open a secret code computer and putting in a password that makes the rocks fall apart to reveal a steel door. The door slips open and the agent enters before it closes. The rocks come back up.

Sly: Wow. Whoever came up with this entrance was pretty clever. Seems Bentley's type of tech.

Bentley: It does seem similar to mine. Let me hack into that computer there and I could get you guys inside.

Sly will open the little hatch and place a small chip above the keyboard. After a round of a tough Alter Ego, the entrance will open and the three Slys can enter. Upon getting in, they realize it's an elevator, which fascinates the Medievil styled Coopers. The elevator starts going down and when it gets on the bottom floor, the door opens again. Only for the three to be met with guns to the faces! They immediately put their hands up high, dropping their weapons in the process.

Ape 1: Who are you lowdown clones?

Sly: Uh, that's--

Ape 1: No! I don't want to hear it!

Ape 2: Just shoot them dead! They've seen headquarters!

"The Agent": Keep your heads on your shoulders. garçons. They, I believe, are no threat to us. (pulls hood down to reveal his face, looking like the trio but with a yellow dyed tuft of fur and blue dye tipped ears as well as a communicator in his left ear, crosses his arms)

Spy Cooper: The Agent

Ape 3: Agent Spy! They were stalking you and hacked into the entrance system! How can you as much as trust these fakes?

Spy: Simple. Hacker did a full DNA check and theirs match mine. An exact match. And there's only one person I know that can into Hacker's security and that's himself. (eyes the three raccoons) You three are not from here, are you?

Dëma: No. We're not. Uh, all of us are you. Just not from the same dimension. I'm Dëma Luper from a universe of magic. (points a thumb at Rob) He's Arthius, but he's more commonly called Rob and is from an old England like universe. And he is--

Spy: (smirk) Sly Cooper.

Sly: (shocked expression) How did you know that?

Spy: "Spy" is just my agent name. My name's the same as yours. And, I used to wear that exact outfit. (points towards Sly)

Sly: Well... That's new.

Spy: (chuckle) You know, I think it's better if the rest of your crew were to come here because this place is the most secure spot in this heck of a mess. Trust me. It is.

Sly: Okay then. (activates his communicator) You heard him, Bentley. Come on over.

Bentley: All right then. We're on our way.

Job Complete

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