This is the battle against Hyracles in the game Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever.


1st Phase

You're character is Bentley against the gigantic Hyracles, don't get close to him because his stomps can crush you. He summons his rooftop guards to attack you too, also watch out for his fireball attacks and Medusa Gaze Ray attack which can stun you for quite some time. He also controls some electricity which you've got to be careful. Wait until he gets exhausted from his attacks then hit one of his heads until its done. Repeat with the remaining 4 heads to defeat him.

2nd Phase

After defeating his heads, the main head will somehow "revive" and start controlling his body crazily in efforts to defeat Bentley. Since rocks are falling due to Hyracles frantically running around, Bentley has to watch out for him and the falling rocks. To defeat him, you have to carefully direct a sleeping dart to his main head (you can also hit him on the neck too) and wait for him to fall asleep. Hit his main head as many times until his thief meter health depletes, then it's victory for Bentley.


  • According to Mat Kraemer, the boss battle was supposed to be up in the Olympus Sky with the arena being solid lightning clothes.
  • Originally, Hyracles was going to use a fire shockwave similar to El Jefe's attack, the creators took it out for more originality.

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