Hydra Target is the fifth mission in Episode 7: Greek Mythology REWRITTEN! in the game Thieves Be Forever.



The mission marker is located on a rooftop near Hyracles's temple.

  • Bentley: Okay, Hyracles should be exiting his temple right... NOW!
  • Hyracles: "Exits temple" This looks like a fine day! Oh brother, SHUT UP!
  • Bentley: I should follow him, probably to know more about his operation.

Gameplay starts with you following Hyracles, watch out, he has his heads turned backwards to see any intruders while the king looks forward. Its better to follow him through the rooftops, if you get seen by his flashlight guards, you will get a job failed, this doesn't apply to his rooftop guards. If you get seen by Hyracles, which is obvious you will get a job failed. Keep following Hyracles until he reaches a temple, enter the temple by jumping on the trampoline on the sides to reach the rooftops. There will be a wooden patch in the floor, place a bomb and it will get destroyed, granting access.

  • Hyracles: I don't wanna talk with him! Shut up you! We need to talk with him, he is our leader.
  • Bentley: So this is where he talks with the leader. Better keep a close eye err ear on the conversation.

Go forward to keep following Hyracles and a cutscene will occur.

  • Hyracles: Start the controls, blah blah blah blah and ding! "Screen Opens"
  • L.A.R: "Distorted voice" Ahhh, Hyracles. Have you found the caneI asked for?
  • Hyracles: Is that the "Hyracles closes Dummy's mouth" That's what I was about to talk about, Hercooper's cane, uhhhhh, he escaped.
  • L.A.R: He WHAT!!!
  • Hyracles: Sorry master but that blasted Cooper Gang stole it.
  • L.A.R: The Cooper Gang? Are those the WEAK ANIMALS!!! You are a hydra! You should have powerful powers!
  • Hyracles: But...
  • L.A.R: Ah ah ah ah, buts are for behinds, and behinds are FALLING behind.
  • Hyracles: Don't worry, master, I will get that cane for you!
  • L.A.R: Well, did I told you? Anyway, you remember, the others? Right?
  • Hyracles: Juan, Vostok, John, Jaggar, Drak and Monty?
  • L.A.R: Those idiots failed, and you are probably next. Do you want that to happen?
  • Hyracles: Yes! I said quiet you! No sir.
  • L.A.R: Then do your job right, now, I will be expecting that cane and fast. I don't like to be kept waiting.
  • Hyracles: You'll get that cane faster than Zeus's lightning bolts!
  • L.A.R: I must be going, ta ta!
  • Hyracles: That was hard, you think so wuss!? Lets just get out of here! "Slams temple doors on tail" OOOOHHH YEEOOOOWCH!!!
  • Bentley: So he wants Hercooper's cane? This guy will not end up with anything.

Job Complete!


  • The mission name may be based on Hard Target.

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