"You? Intelligent? I rival you in every way turtle"
— Hood talking with Bentley

Hood Wool

Hood Wool

Hood Wool is an anthropomorphic sheep and boss of the level 18th Dynasty Egypt along with Winston Puff in Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns. He is voiced by Robert Downey Jr.


Having lived a boring life on the ranch, Hood was very different from the other sheep around, he was tougher and braver than them. He had nothing to do in the ranch except hang out with the local Sheepdog or eat something. One day, a gang of wolves caused havoc in the ranch with Hood being the only one who'd stop them. He was attacked by a wolf and was beaten off quickly, while the other wolves ran away, this particular wolf stayed and offered Hood to help him, since Hood had nothing to do, he accepted quickly and they became a duo of international thieves. Stealing from wealthy people always.


Clockwerk's Deal

On one day, he along with Winston, were both offered by Clockwerk to go back in time to 18th Dynasty Egypt, unlike Puff, he was less reluctant and actually had plans to go there. Having appeared in the warehouse in Paris discussing their plans, he could be heard saying "I already have plaaans for this period!" As he said, he already has plans for Egypt, which he already discussed with Winston. While Sly was sent in time to 18th Dynasty Egypt, he noticed the very different landscape, apparently, Egypt was turned into a living fairytale called Fairytale Land, animatronic characters, fairytale landmarks such as Beanstalks and roses. Both hired numerous guards to patrol Fairytale Land and their base of operations was a huge pyramid to the left of the level. He already captured Slytunkhamen easily and imprisoned him in the Fe Fi Fo Fum Castle.


While Winston didn't head out much, Hood was seen various times in the missions. Once Bentley recovered Slytunkhamen's cane, he released the "animatronic Giant" to attack him. He appeared inside the Rabbit Hole and ordered guards to attack Dimitri. He was followed by Sly when he was checking the area. He also appeared when Murray destroyed the energy source for the deadly animatronics. He was fought on the operation.

Operation: Fairytale Ending

While the gang and Slytunkhamen traversed the main pyramid to foil Winston and Hood's plan, as said before, they were harnessing energy from the sun due to it being rather harsh in this part, as soon as Sly and Slytunkhamen destroyed their machine, both suddenly appeared, with Winston blowing away Slytunkhamen and Hood grabbing his cane which they needed and escaped by growing a beanstalk. Sly followed from behind and fought the two in the clouds. While Winston focusing on close combat attacks, Hood was more of a range-guy, he can throw dynamite (which cartoonishly, explode with a cartoon Boom!), throw explosive apples, slam on the ground creating a shockwave. Despite their powerful abilities, both were defeated by Sly and sent to the present just to get jailed.


After being defeated, he was sent to the present and jailed. He was strayed very far away from Winston and he only passed his time sleeping (counting sheep) or talking with his neighbor Toothpick.

Thief Meter

Hood's thief meter is of a blackish-pink. His face is in the middle. Hood's face is almost covered with his hood and instead has red eyes. They constantly blink over time.


Hood has a devious personality, being a sheep, this is weird. He's also thinks highly of himself, thinking he's the "best sheep there is" or "better than Tutankhamen". He also doesn't like being called a girl, which angers him a lot, which the gang sometimes say to annoy him. Hood also likes fairytales equally as Winston, and is very loyal to him no matter what.


Hood Wool is an anthropomorphic sheep. He looks more like cartoon sheep, he has a black head and limbs along with the usual sheep coat. Like it says on his name, he wears a red hood and carries his own cane. His cane is light blue in color and looks much like Sly's except it's suppose to resemble Bo Peep's one from. He walks completely barefoot and has stubby arms and feet.


Hood is like said before, very strong, able to block Winston's attack or survive explosions from the Generator. He's capable of holding himself in a fight and can create shockwaves by slamming himself on the ground. His wool is also shown to be very resistant, when Sly hits it in the battle, Wool just laughs.


  • Wool's appearance is based on two characters, Red Riding Hood and Bo Peep. Like Red, he wears a red hood that according to him, it's to make him more sinister, he also uses apples on his battles which Red is sometimes known to have. Like Bo Peep, he carries a "cane" as he likes to call it which Little Bo Peep is shown to have.
  • Despit being said he's a male sheep, he lacks horns.
    • He also acknowledges this by saying he lost them by battling a ram.
  • Defeating Wool for the first time awards the player the: "Still Counting" trophy.

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