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"High Time Climb" is the second mission in the War Universe in the game Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses. It is also the first mission playing as Spy Cooper.


  • Clear out the guards.
  • Climb the building and take recon photos.

How to Complete and Dialogue

Sly needs to be chosen for this mission. The mission marker is just a few blocks away from the talk building. Once you reach it, Sly will take out his binocucom.

Sly: Okay Bentley, I'm ready!

Bentley: Hmm, Sly those markers up in the building are a little bit high for you.

Sly: I never fail when it comes to photography!

Bentley: Interesting, now let's see it in action! (Sly closes the binocucom)

Head to the building, you'll have to take down a group of Eel and Beaver guards nearby. Once you clear them out and get close to the building, Sly will try to climb it.

Sly: (Sly tries to climb it but falls down) 2nd time's the charm! (Sly tries to climb it again but falls down, this time he tries examining the building for climbing parts but finds nothing. Hacker calls in now)

Hacker: Sorry Sly, there's no way you can get up there. I am gonna have to send in one who can get the job done.

Sly: What? You can't mean...

Hacker: Yep. I've already sent Spy to your area.

Sly: Great. I'm benched for one of my favorite things to do in a mission.

Bentley: No hard feelings, Sly. It's just that Spy has some gadgets that you don't have. Come back to Headquarters for now.

Sly: Fine... So this is what Murray felt like... (Sly departs from the area while passing Spy)

Spy: (notices Sly clenching his cane in anger which gets him a little skeptical)

Hacker: Okay Spy, you know what to do here.

Spy: Of course. I first jump and the hit the Circle Button on a wall to use my climb gadgets. If I have an obstacle in my way, I can press the Square Button to throw a grenade, making it explode on impact.

Climb up the building. Watch out for falling rocks and glass, also watch out for lasers and bombs which must not be touched or detected by. The first marker is inside a broken window near the top and the first picture is of a satellite dish on the opposite building.

Satellite Dish

Spy: Interesting satellite dish there.

Hacker: I wonder what is it being used for.

There, in another building, are the two Captains of the Chrono League and two of the Interpol Union's targets, Radko and Viktor.

Hacker: Well, now we know where their base is.

Spy must go lower down to one last window and take a photo of the strange machines whom the sea creature guards are using.

Strange Machines

Spy: With every picture I take, we're left with more questions. What are those two flipper boys up to?

Hacker: Those must machines must have something to do with it. But what? All right, Spy. That should do it for now. Report back to Headquarters so we can do analysis.

Spy: Copy, Hacker.

Once done, Spy will use a hook gun at the top of Headquarters on the opposite side of the street to swing undetected by the guards below. Landing in front of the entrance, Spy inputs the code and enters inside.

Job Complete

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