Operation: Turbo Dynamic Piracy

High-Society Snooping is the first mission in the level Victorian England in the game Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.

Level Intro

Sly: "We arrived in Victorian London to find that it had become...well...this. London had been turned into one giant theme park, and judging by the logo on some of the rides, we knew just who was to blame for this. We had defeated Penelope in Henriette's time, but Penelope was still out there. It's only a matter of time before we have to face her again, and whoever she put in charge of this amusement park along with her. Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III, one of the more gentlemanly Coopers, should be able to help us. If we can find him, that is. Thaddeus Winslow Cooper was the genius behind our mastery of disguises and the Hook Swing move. But it looks like that might not have helped him much. Penelope just might have him locked away somewhere in the park. But something told me that this wasn't the case. The guards were too watchful. They were definitely looking for someone, and it certainly wasn't us. We knew we had to find Thaddeus soon, or who knows what he'd go through in this place. The park might be called 'Wonderland', but it certainly doesn't feel like one. And it will never be one when we're done with it."


  • Take recon photos

How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay will begin with Sly. Once he gets to the marker on the roof, a cutscene will begin.

  • Sly: I say, old chap! Ghastly weather, is it not?
  • Bentley: Come on, Sly, stop joking around. We need those recon photos more than ever now. We need to get Penelope. She may have lost her mech, but she still poses a threat.
  • Sly: For all we know, she might not even be in the same time period as us. But we can't just let whoever built this theme park get away scott free.
  • Bentley: Good point. Now focus on getting those photos. Considering the odd nature of the park, we'll be needing every single one of them.

Sly will need to enter the park to get each of the photos, and out of all of the recon mission, this one will require the most movement on Sly's part. The first two photos are located right next to each other, but Sly will need to Ninja Spire Jump on top of a lamppost to see one of them.

1. Cheshire Cat Camera

  • Sly: That thing gives me the creeps.
  • Bentley: It should, Sly. Judging from how the eyes look, this camera detects your body heat and your movements simultaneously.
  • Sly: Great. Now I'm feeling uncomfortable.
  • Bentley: It gets worse. Something other than electricity is powering this thing.
  • Sly: Okay, now you just made me go from uncomfortable to paranoid.

2. Dodo Head

  • Bentley: It looks like this is supposed to be part of some kind of costume.
  • Sly: I'd hate to be the one wearing that. Unless there's a catch, of course.
  • Bentley: I don't know about you, but we might be able to use that for something at some point.

The next photos that must be taken are also rather close to each other. However, Sly will have to move to certain locations in order for these photos to be taken.

3. Looking Glass Coaster

  • Sly: Now that roller coaster looks like it'll be a hoot to ride someday.
  • Bentley: Focus on the mission, Sly. I have to admit that it's really impressive, though. It's such a big roller coaster. There's no way it can't be there just for the heck of it.

4. Walrus and Carpenter's Funhouse

  • Bentley: Sly, are you sure you're not just taking random photos?
  • Sly: I don't know about you, Bentley, but there's something suspicious about this funhouse. Something tells me we won't be having a lot of fun in there.

5. The Big Building

  • Sly: Who's willing to bet that the big bad of this era is in that building?
  • Bentley: Definitely. But how are we going to get in there?
  • Sly: Hmm... I guess we'll just have to wait and see, because this place looks too well protected with all of those cameras around.

Sly's second-to-last target can each be found scattered around the park, and can be photographed at any time.

6. Anti-Willington Incorporated Posters

  • Sly: Looks like somebody hates Willington Inc.. Wait, what's Willington Inc.?
  • Bentley: Willington Inc. are responsible for constructing theme park rides. I wonder if an ex-employee is behind all of this. Anyway, the posters appear to have been made out of some kind of wax-like material. Are there wasps in this park?
  • Sly: Great. Now I have another thing to worry about.

The very last photo must be taken at the very edge of the park to the far west. There will be a small broken machine there.

7. Broken Portable Time Machine

  • Sly: What's this?
  • Bentley: I recognize the device. I remember it from when Penelope saved me from falling back in Topaz Lagoon. This is a portable time machine! But it's broken! And it looks like I'll never be able to salvage any of the equipment, from the looks of things.
  • Sly: At least we know Penelope is still here. Maybe we'll finally get some answers out of her.
  • Okay, Sly, that's the last photo. Good work, pal.

Job Complete

Down the Rabbit Hole...

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