Spy on the Fly

High-Flying Freedom is the second mission in WW1 Netherlands in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Free Otto van Cooper
  • Defeat Amber's henchman and escape the enemy hangar

How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay starts with Sly. When he reaches the marker outside of Otto's hangar, a cutscene will begin.

  • Sly: (Sly gets out his binocucom. However, instead of contacting Bentley like he had intended, he seemed to have contacted someone else.) Huh?
  • ????: (Some sort of buzzing can be heard, as if it were coming from a radio. Unfortunately, Sly cannot see the person's face. He can only hear his voice.) Hallo, hallo, aankomen! Dit is--
  • Sly: Hello! Who is this?
  • ????: Ah, good, an ally. Listen, I am being locked inside one of the hangars here, and I need your help getting me out. My plane was shot down by a Flying Fish! A Flying Fish! That's practically unheard of!
  • Sly: Wait. Is your name "Otto van Cooper"?
  • Otto: Het is inderdaad.
  • Sly: I can't believe it. You're THE Otto van Cooper? My friend Murray and I are really big fans of yours.
  • Otto: Is that so? Wonderbaar! Now, hurry up and free me. This place is incredibly stuffy. Oh, I believe there was a lot of snow around where I am now, so if you find a hangar with a lot of snow around it, then that is where I am being held. Understand?
  • Sly: Yes.
  • Otto: Heerlijk! Now hurry on over and get me out of here, okay?

Sly must reach the enemy hangar, which is easy. It's getting into the hangar itself that poses a problem. There are no visible air vents say for one that is covered by snow. Pity that most of the hangar is covered in snow. Sly must swing his cane to scatter the snow and reveal the vent. Once Sly manages to find the vent, which in this case is located to the left of the hangar entrance, Sly can enter the enemy hangar completely undetected. As soon as Sly gets inside, a cutscene will begin.

  • Sly: (Sly looks around. Eventually, he'll look up and see Otto van Cooper in a cage with a radio he seemingly took from a nearby ledge.) Otto. (Otto continues tinkering with the radio he is using.) Otto!! (Otto acts surprised and looks down toward Sly.)
  • Otto: Ah. Wonderbaar. You're here. I've tried escaping from this cage for awhile, and each time, that fish Gustav keeps using a different lock. According to my calculations, this cage should break open if it falls from this height.
  • Sly: That doesn't sound very safe. I think you'll be needing a key.
  • Otto: Hmm... You have a point. I believe the rabbit that fish was talking to may have put the key over by one of the planes, but I'm not sure which one it was. Sorry.
  • Sly: It's okay, Otto. Anyway, the name's Sly. Sly Cooper. (Otto looks shocked.)
  • Otto: Smeek u vergeven? You, a Cooper? Well, if you say so. Stranger things have happened, so I guess this shouldn't be much of a shock. Look, just get me out of here, okay?
  • Sly: Okay, okay, just calm down. I'll get you out of there.

Sly will need to guess which one of the five planes has the key to Otto's cage. However, he must be careful not to step on the floor panels, as that would activate alarms and get Sly caught, resulting in a failed mission. The plane that has the key is entirely random. However, there is a way Sly can tell which one has what he needs. If one of the cockpits on one of the five planes is open slightly, which will be hard to see without the use of the binocucom, then that plane is the one that has the key. Once Sly has the key, he must jump onto one of the planes that are held up by hooks and press the circle button to open Otto's cage. Once this happens, a cutscene starts.

  • Otto: (Otto jumps out of the cage, only to fall on his back.) Au!! Dat pijn! Remind me to use the elevator next time.
  • Sly: Technically, you already did. (Sly helps Otto up.) You know, you should be careful next time.
  • Otto: I know, I know. My father was much more athletic. And artistic, from what I remember. But I gave up painting to become a mechanic. I just wish I was as great as my father was. (The hangar door opens up. Amber is there with a small army of guards.) Ah!! Het is dat konijn!!
  • Amber: Beg your pardon, mate?
  • Otto: It's that rabbit!! Come on, put up your dukes!!
  • Amber: Boo.
  • Otto: AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! Save me!! (Otto hides behind some planes. Sly rolls his eyes.)
  • Sly: Figures. (Sly looks toward Amber.) Listen, lady, do you have any idea who you're working for? If you're smart, then you'll stop working for that psycho.
  • Amber: Mate, I'm the one with the troops. I know I'm on the winning team. Speaking of which, how about you blokes turn the raccoons into nice hats for Gustav, okay, mates? Good. Now get him! And I will not tolerate failure from any of you!!

Fearsome Falcons, Furious Firecrests and Selfish Squirrels will storm the area. The firecrests and squirrels are a very common enemy in this scenario, with the Fearsome Falcons only appearing very late into this part of the mission. The key to this mission is to protect Otto. Should Sly allow the guards to hurt him too much, and it's game over. If Sly knows how to electrify his cane, then this part of the mission will be an easy one, especially where the Fearsome Falcons are concerned. Once all forty guards are defeated, a cutscene will begin.

  • Amber: (Amber looks around with an angry look on her face.) That's it! Everyone who fought those raccoons is fired!! You hear me?! FIRED!! I'll be sure Gustav Gale gets all of you flung into a no-man's land!! (Amber quickly runs away.)
  • Otto: (Otto wipes the sweat from his forehead.) Almost lost my cool.
  • Sly: You were screaming like a chicken without a head, Otto. I really think that it would be best if we just went back to the hideout where it's safe.
  • Otto: Sounds wonderbaar, Sly. And I can't wait to meet this "Murray" person, too. (Otto and Sly run out of the hangar.)

Job Complete

Level Outro

  • Sly: "When Otto got back to the hideout, he told us exactly how he got captured. Apparently, he just beat Joan de Fox in a biplane race when his plane was shot down by a fish and a rabbit. Then, they locked him up in a hangar that they hijacked, and Otto took a nearby radio and converted it into a communication device, which eventually led to our encounter and his rescue. Bentley worked twice as hard to find out who this "Gustav Gale" was, and the results were quite interesting. Apparently, Gustav Gale was a Russian mobster who longed to be in the air force. He worked hard to achieve his goal, and in the end, he succeeded, but when the government discovered his criminal ties, all of his honors were taken from him and Gustav ended up in prison. He eventually broke free and went into hiding for several years, though what surprised me is that the rabbit he was partnered with had slightly similar origins. According to her file, Amber was the guitarist of the formerly famous Australian rock band, Blynd Tyger, but eventually, they fell into obscurity and broke up, making Amber very bitter. It certainly didn't help much when her sister, who was a pop star, became more popular than she did, resulting in Amber crippling her sister from the hips down. Ever since then, she went into hiding. I guess now we know why they went into hiding, though according to their files, they've been in hiding for awhile. I have to admit, Chronos certainly knows how to make connections. But there's something about his plan that's actually making me anxious. I don't know. I guess a part of me is beginning to connect the dots. But it couldn't be......... Could it? Could he really be trying to make..."


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