Paradise Regained

Haunting Past is the seventh mission in WW1 Netherlands in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay begins with Penelope. Once she reaches the mission marker at the enemy hangar, a cutscene will begin.

  • Penelope: (Penelope looks around, cautious of her surroundings. She looks up and sees a large object falling from the sky. She steps back and uses her binocucom to see what it is. But just before she can make out what the object is, her binocucom begins acting funny.) WHAT?!
  • Amber: We hacked your binocucom, shiela!! You have no way to call for help now! But don't fret yet. You're about to get your long-tailed butt kicked by Gustav Gale!! (Penelope turns off her binocucom.)
  • Penelope: Whatever, lady. (Gustav slows his descent with jets in his mech's legs until he lands safely.)
  • Gustav: We knew you show up soon, rodent.
  • Penelope: Shut it, fish!! I remember who you are now!!
  • Gustav: I thought you already kn-- (Gustav begins to think hard. Eventually, he has a realization.) It seems we met years back, long before recruitment into ranks.
  • Penelope: Yeah, we did. It's a story I only told Bentley. I remember all of it like it was yesterday. My parents were the best pilots in the Netherlands. I wanted to be just like them and win all of those dogfights. Those things won us a lot of money back then. We were happy then, too. But then you showed up! My parents accepted your challenge to a dogfight, and you won. But you shot them down and shot holes through their parachutes! They had no idea you were a wanted killer! We thought you were a nice, ambitious man, but you tricked us! I spent years after that perfecting my piloting skills and thinking of a new name to go by when I finally killed you. I wanted you dead! But your disappearance created rumors, rumors that I honestly thought were true. That's when I began focusing on fame and became the Black Baron to get into dogfighting tournaments. Overtime, I forgot your name, and I emotionally moved on. My parents would've praised me for winning those tournaments if they had been there to see it. It's a crying shame that that's never going to happen, you monster. Explain yourself! Why did you do that?! Why did you kill them?!
  • Gustav: I am best pilot! No one else deserve title more! I earn place in air force! Russian air force will pay for kicking out "The Persistance", as Chronos and you call me by, and no sewer rat will stand in my way!!
  • Penelope: I grew up without a mother or father because of your selfish pride, you murderer!!
  • Gustav: (Gustav shakes his head in frustration.) This is joke, right? You wish to fight alone? How stupid. You get in trouble for last time, vermin. I crush you, then I truly call myself "best pilot".
  • Penelope: You'll have to beat Sly, then. He beat me as the Black Baron awhile back.
  • Gustav: Then he is next. I will be top pilot, and you will be red stain on mech's boot. Let's begin. (Gustav begins his attack by charging at Penelope with his mech.)

There is no way to actually damage Gustav's mech at the moment. Gustav's attacks mostly consists of charges, stomps, kicks, punches, and the occasional missile launcher. Penelope can choose to hide behind some of the other hangars for cover and recover health if there are any boxes nearby. However, Gustav will eventually destroy them and leave Penelope vulnerable. Penelope must survive an onslaught of Gustav's attacks for a total of five minutes in order to complete her part of the mission. As soon as enough time passes, a cutscene will begin.

  • Penelope: (Penelope tries throwing a rock at Gustav's mech, but the rock is deflected as if it hit something.) What is it going to take to get rid of you?!
  • Gustav: I told you I am best pilot! I meant it! I even pilot mechs better than you!
  • ??????: Hey, you!!
  • Gustav: Huh?! (Gustav and Penelope turn to Penelope's left. Murray is standing a short distance away from them, with Bentley close behind him.)
  • Penelope: Murray! Bentley! You're here!
  • Bentley: Why did you go alone?! You could've died!
  • Gustav: And she will die very soon, reptile!
  • Murray: "The Murray" is going to prove you wrong, sushi boy! Bring it on!! Bentley, get Penelope away from here! I'll handle this! (Penelope and Bentley head for cover a short distance away. Murray notices a barrel of gasoline. He then gets an idea.)

There are a grand total of seven different barrels of gasoline scattered about. All Murray needs to do to complete the mission is throw each of the barrels at Gustav's mech and damage his shield. Should Murray miss even once, then the mission will end in failure. The barrels are always present around the enemy hangar. However, other than the first one, the other six barrels appear randomly, making it difficult to find them all in certain cases. Sometimes, they may even appear together, in which case Murray must head for the hills before Gustav attacks him and destroys numerous barrels. Once all of the barrels have been successfully thrown at Gustav's mech, one last cutscene begins.

  • Gustav: What is this?! (Gustav's shields begin to malfunction.) No! This can't be happening!
  • Murray: You bet it is, fish face! You're all washed up! (Gustav notices guards heading his way.)
  • Gustav: Guards!! Destroy hippo! I will get you for this, Cooper Gang! Penelope will die like parents did! I swear it! (Gustav retreats.)
  • Fearsome Falcon: Attack! (Murray defeats all three of the Fearsome Falcons.)
  • Murray: Uh, who was he talking about earlier? What parents?
  • Bentley: He's talking about Penelope's parents, Murray. She told me about what happened to them after the Cooper Vault Job, but she never remembered the name of the pilot. I guess this was the guy who murdered them.
  • Penelope: The next time I see him, I'm going to be ready. And I'm going to show him what a real pilot can do!
  • Bentley: That's the spirit! Okay, everybody! We have a prototype to take down, so let's head back to the hideout. We need a plan of action immediately.

Job Complete

Operation: Surf and Turf Begone

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