Happy the Seal is an environmental guard encountered in Pirate Age Caribbean in Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns. Like Grizzle Face and Lupus Gitantormus, she will attack anyone in sight.


Don't be fooled by Happy's name, Happy is a vicious Leopard Seal. She's dark gray above while light gray in the underside. She has black eyes and only wears a black eye-patch. She takes 25 hits to defeat with Sly, 30 with Bentley, 15 with Murray, 15 with Carmelita, 25 with Dimitri and needs to be charmed three times with The Guru.


When close, she'll swing her head, when near, she'll ram you, when far, she'll shoot a stream of water at you, unfortunately this tires her out for some time.


  • Unlike Grizzle Face, she cannot be defeated. When defeated, she'll just return to her own ice floe and take a rest.
    • When thrown out of a high place, she'll just fall down and end up in the ground or water.
    • When thrown in water, she'll just dive down and swim for a bit and return to fight.
  • According to a guard in the bar, she appeared in Death's Port unexpectedly in a floating ice floe that separated into smaller ones.

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