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"Great Flames of Helios!" is the seventh mission in "Rob-bin' King" in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.


  • Protect the mountain hideout.
  • Battle Morgala.

How to complete and Dialogue

The mission immediately begins when Carmelita leaves the hideout. Someone in a blue robe is hovering above the hideout.

???: Looks like that new damsel in distress we have was right. This whole mountain is the hiding spot of O'Coop-Er. Beter follow King Octjohn's oreder to destroy on sight. (holds hand up to te sun) I call upon the unholy demons of Helios to exert thy wrath! Crush this rock into smoldering ashes!

Meteor like fire balls startfalling from the sky, crashing onto the mountain and making the area shake.

Bentley: WHOAH! Carmelita, what's going on out there?!

Carmelita: (pulls out binocucom and looks up to see a familiar purple tigress) Neyla?! What is SHE doing here?!

Bentley: Well, it's obvious that that's not the Neyla we know, so- (interrupted and pushed from the camera by Rob, making him yelp)

Rob: Sweet Mother of Hera! How did Morgala find us?!

Carmelita: "Morgala"?

Rob: Yes! She is that phony king's right hand witch! She may be pretty, but her attitude and powers are nasty! It's no wonder Aphrodite won't get her a mate!

Carmelita: Uh, okay. Well, I'm going to stop her before this mountain becomes nothing but rubble!

Blast the fire balls from the base of the mountain. There will be a scale at the bottom of the screen showing how much damage the hideout took. The left end has the mountain and the right end has rubble. It's game over if the scale triangle reaches the rubble icon. Once you defend the hideout for 40 seconds, Morgala will stop. A cutscene plays with her coming down to the mountain base.

Morgala: Carmivere?! How did you escape your cell so fast?! And what's with that un-gawdly outfit?

Carmelita: Carmivere? What did you do to her? And my outfit happens to be normal where I come from!

Morgala: Well, I see it's now obvious you're not from around here. As for the little "Prescious", let's just say we got her to talk about how lovely of a night she had yesterday.

Carmelita: You better leave her alone!

Morgala: I'm not having some knockoff tell me what to do!

Morgala will levitate around the battlefield, but too fast to blast. She'll quickly cast ice shards that can be easily jumped over. She will stop to focus a fire ball, which can be shot at to make it explode in her face. She'll then land on the ground in fatigue. You can either blast her or approach her and attack physically. Once half of her health is depleted, she'll teleport to the sky and unleash a storm of lightning that wil continue until she is defeated, making it harder to land a blow on her. The bolts will luckily have symbols on the ground to show where they will hit, making them easier to look out for. When Morgala is defeated, the storm will go away and a cutscene starts.

Morgala: Beaten by a knockoff lady...

Carmelita: I am no knockoff of anything! And I know a certain someone from my land that's better at things than you!

Morgala: We'll see about that... (winds starts to pick up and swirl around her, vanishes) You can't defend this rock forever!

Job Complete


  • The mission was originally called "Great Balls of Fire".
  • The original mission was proposed by ScorpionTail.

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