Down the Hatch

Goshawk Pro-Skater is the sixth mission in Celtic Scotland in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Win the Skate'way Loch Competition.
  • Destroy the survelliance robots.

How to Complete & Dialogue

Carmelita needs to be selected for this job. After getting to the mission beacon she puts up her binocucom.

  • Bentley: Alright Carmelita! According to a rumor in the town that I've heard, Le Dude is building powerful survelliance robots. I hope your shock-pistol can destroy them!
  • Carmelita: Of course Bentley! But in your latest slideshow you told us that Le Dude's tech-room is burglary safe.
  • Bentley: That's true, but right now, there's a skateboarding competition, of course hosted by "Le Dude", in that tent over there, called Skate'way Loch. And when the competition is going, all the survelliance systems will turn off. I sent Sly to the competition so it takes longer. He looks so funny!
  • Carmelita: Okay Bentley! I'll go into the tech-room, make my way to the robots, and DESTROY THEM ALL!!! (Carmelita takes out her pistol and shoots right into the binocucom screen out of overzealousness after flinging it upward. Instead of her hear head, there's just black.) Oops..!
  • Bentley: You have to destroy Le Dude's tech, not mine! Anyway, get to the tech-barack now!

You steer Carmelita. Get to the tech-barack and press the circle button. Carmelita walks into the door.

  • Bentley: Have a nice time in there!

Now the camera shows inside the competition tent. There's a big skateboard ramp in the middle and Le Dude stands upon it. A lot of Diabolical Deer stands on the ground around him. There's bagpipe music in the background.

  • Le Dude: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to totally awesome Skate'way Loch skateboarding competition, man! The rules are simple. The winner is the one who beats my old record, 250 000 points. And if you don't make it, well, I'm gonna slap you all day, dudes! Relax, I'm kidding, man! Hahaha! Well...kind of... Is there someone that wants to challenge me? No one?
  • Sly: I'm gunna beut you duwn, punk!

Sly jumps up on the ramp next to Le Dude. He has a red kilt and a black shirt.

  • Le Dude: Well well well! What do we have hear? You have a name, "punk"?
  • Sly: Th' name is Alex! Alex MacDurban!
  • Le Dude: MacDurban you say? I guess you want to challenge me! If you win, you'll earn this totally awesome video game, "Le Dude 720 Flip"! You'll love it, man!
  • Sly: I'm un it!
  • Le Dude: Right, dude! Good luck! You can take my board! Not because you'll totaly win with it but, you know, dude!

Sly jumps down with the skateboard on the ramp and a minigame starts. You have to press the buttons which pops up on the screen really fast! You get 1000 points for every time you press the right button. If you make ten at a row, Sly will jump up in the air, and you have to shake the control to earn bonus points. You can get up to 5000 points! You have to get at least 251 000 points to win.You have two minutes!

  • Le Dude: What the tailwhip? You, broke my old record, dude! I'm... I'm gonna break it too! Give me the board, man!

Le Dude takes the board from the smiling Sly and jumps down on the ramp.

  • Sly: (Talking loud) Gyyd luck, punk! (Talking low) Myself wondering how my girlfriend is doing...

Now you're in the tech-barack with Carmelita (if you go to the right there are a little machine. Shoot it three times and it will blow up, leaving a hole in the wall. In there, there's a secret Carmelita mask!)

  • Bentley: Okay Carmelita! Find those robots and do what you did to your binocucom with them!
  • Carmelita: They are going to taste sparks!

There are three Monstrous Martens in front of you that notice you directly. Just extarminate them.

  • Carmelita: I really want to see Sly in that outfit! Maybe he looks... Bah! Forget it!

You gets into a room and the big port closes behind you. The six robots are in the room. Three of them jumps down on the ground, and the other half flies around in the air.

  • Carmelita: Good night, trash!

To take out the ground robots, just get close to one of them and it'll grab you. Press circle and square as fast as you can in ten seconds and you'll ground the robot. To take out the flying robots, just shoot each one twelve times and they will die, but they are fast so it's hard!

  • Bentley: Amazing Carmelita! (Meanwhile, while Bentley is talking, the camera shows the defeated robots, and Carmelita who smiles a lot). The robots are completely blown up! Get to the Hideout now!

Now the camera shows Sly outside the tent with the game in his hand.

  • Bentley: So you won the competition Sly?
  • Sly: Yeah, that cocky goshawk wasn't able to beat MY record, and I also won this!

Sly holds up the game.

  • Bentley: Good! Good! That was really good Sly!
  • Sly: You wanted me to win the competition so you can get this game and play it, right?
  • Bentley: No! Of course not!
  • Sly: Yes you did!

Sly walks out from the screen but you still hear him.

  • Bentley: No!
  • Sly: Yes!
  • Bentley: Gah! Who really cares?
  • Sly: You, dude!
  • Carmelita: (Carmelita begins to looks a bit discouraged, as if something were making her feel guilty and afraid. She looks at Sly.) I really hope I can protect you, Cooper. I never want to lose you again.

Job Complete

Computer Mouse


  • The mission's title is a parody of Tony Hawk Pro-Skater.
  • Credit for making the mission goes to El Grizz.

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