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"Girls Wanna Have Fun" is the fifth mission of "The Thief with the Magic Rings" In Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses.


  • Investigate the carnival.
  • Find the "fireworks".

How to Complete and Dialogue

The mission will begin with Carmelita and Carmara standing at the "entrance" of the misted carnival. Carmelita will pull out her binocucom and a cutscene will play.

Bentley: Girls, before you go in there, you need to remember that this carnival is too fishy to just play around in.

Carmelita: Of course. After seeing those pictures, this place doesn't look fun at all. Plus, how do they expect people to see through this fog?

Bentley: True. That's probably why the only people who are here are those guards. But put that aside for just a moment. You both have the devices in, right?

Carmelita: I know I do. Carmara?

Carmara: Got mine in.

Carmelita: We're set, Bentley. What do they do, anyway?

Bentley: Those devices should be able to protect you from anything that "mist" can do to you. They carry a portion of Dëma's magic, enough to counter back the magic that looms over that carnival.

Carmelita: Well, it's good to know we're spell-free. Now, it's about time for us to get to work.

Enter the carnival. After the loading screen, the girls will be in front of the... bright and clear?... tents. Another cutscene occurs.

Carmara: Huh? It's clear.

Carmelita: I can see that. And very well, too. Better call Bentley about this. (activates communicator) Bentley, we're in, but it looks like the fog isn't even here. You can see everything. What do you make of this? (answered with fuzz sound) Bentley? Bentley. (turns off communicator) Hm, something here must be jamming our signal to each other. I can't get through to Bentley.

Carmara: Maybe, that "mist" was just a cover for what's going on in here. I'm thinking that this "carnival" isn't what it fully seems.

Carmelita: I'm agreeing with you, sister. Well, we might as well see what goes down here for Bentley.

Maneuver around the tents without Dragon flashlight guards seeing you, or you fail the mission. While walking pass a carnival game with an innocent discolored black cat guard, a cutscene starts.

Cat: Why, hello ladies! First people I've seen since I started up the game! Like to have a go at this fun game of aim?

Carmelita: Uh, maybe.  Did you notice anything strange happening around here?

Cat: I haven't milady, besides it being quiet with boring guards, that is. They said this carnival woud be packed.

Carmara: (whisper) I feel sort of sorry for this guy. I think we should give his game a try. Bentley won't know about it. Besides, I bet I got the better aim, anyway.

Carmelita: Says you! You're on! (both turn to the owner) We'd like a shot at it! One round!

Cat: Excellent! All you two have to do is use those water guns -named and made them myself- to shoot water at those gnomes. The one who hits the most gnomes wins a prize. And since you two look like fine sorceresses, as well as my first two competitors, the prize will be THIS!

The cat holds up a thick book with gold designs all over. Also decorating it are multiple pearls, topazes, diamonds and amythests.

Carmara: Isn't that... one of the Master Wizardry books?!

Cat: It sure is, milady! First Edition, too! Best in the land and in mint condition! Spells like never before are in these pages! Forget how I got it in the place, but it's to whoever wins! Now get your guns ready! (girls pick up guns) And... here we GO! (pushes a lever and a whistle blows, the cat ducks to avoid being shot)

A countdown will start at three. You are controlling Carmelita and your opponent is Carmara. When the countdown says "GO!", gnomes on sticks will start popping into view. Aim the water gun at them and pres the R2 button to fire. The cat will make some positive comments at times. The game can only go for a minute. Afterwards, a cutscene will play.

Cat: Blimey! You two were fantastic! But the prize goes to you, milady. (gives Carmelita the book)

Carmelita: Woah! Sort of heavy.

Cat: It should be with all those pages and fancy jewels.

An explosion goes off a little away. There is a red flair in the sky before it explodes.

Carmelita: What was that?!

Cat: They've been firing those all day. Don't know what they are, but they're pretty, no?

Carmara: I'll have to agree with that.

Carmelita: Something's not right. Fireworks shouldn't exist here. And if they have been let off like this all day, why didn't we see them from the outside?

Carmara: That IS a little strange. (turns to the cat) Thank you for the entertainment, sir. We enjoyed it. Now we must be off. (both girls leave in a run)

Cat: Come back anytime, ladies!

Head to the area of the "fireworks". They are coming out of a black and white circus tent. The girls peek through the opening and see a black cat witch mixing something in a cauldron above a fire. A cutscene begins.

Black Cat: Come on, you little spirit. Where are you? Don't you want revenge against Luper? So does the boss. Work with him and you can anihillate him AND his little team. As well as Luper's, apparently, twin.

???: "Twin"?

Black Cat: Yes. There had been rumors about a second Luper and that he is identical to him. They're in the area, actually.


The cauldron bubbles green. The black cat stands back as the cauldron begins to ovwerflow. the green fluid then bursts out like a gyser with red eyes full of hate and rage. Both vixens are shocked.

Carmelita: Those eyes...

Carmara: Warclock... (both back away slowly) I think that's enough information, yes?

Carmelita: Agreed. (look at each other in terror)

Carmelitas: Let's get out of here! (both dash off to where they entered)

Job Complete

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