"What?! Somebody malfunctioned my ride? Go take a look at that! Now!"
— Turji to his guards when Sly damages one of his rides







Tsao family, Dr. L


Sharp feathers, Daggers

Current Status

Alive, Incarcerated

Voice Actor

Leo Chin




General Turji, Owner Boss

General Turji is an exclusive boss for the DLC pack "Honor Among Thieves". He is the boss of Florida, Islands Of Adventure.


Once raised into a family of great ancestors of the name Turji, he was abandoned by the Turji family until he was adopted by the Tsao family. While the Tsaos wanted domination and leadership, Turji wanted amusement parks all the time, always scolded by the Tsaos for his upbeat behavior, he soon turned sinister when he grew up, and heard about his brother's downfall, General Tsao. Since no one picked up the general status, Turji claimed the status for himself and became a fierce general. Known for being behind of one of the most dreadful broken rides and malfunctions of amusement parks. He eventually, did a horrible crime in Florida's IOA, which made it close down for quite some time. Turji used this chance to claim the park for himself, having captured Jing King, Panda King's daughter to continue a brilliant lineage by forcing her to marry him, creating a King and Turji, along with the foster name Tsao. Would make a formidable threat.

Episode 4: When Rides Attack...

Controlling IOA

Having the park closed for a lifetime, Turji hired back Tsao's old guards as his maintenance crew in the various attractions which he changed their names with his, calling "Harry Potter: The Ride" the "Turji King: The Ride" and various other things. Tuji was hold up in the aforementioned ride in the deepest parts, figuring he could use it as a castle.

Checking a Ride

While Murray sat in the "Spider-Man ride" Turji along with two flashlight guards entered also. Murray had to be careful doing this, because Turji looks backwards sometimes.

Checking Up

After hearing about a breakdown (due to Sly) in the "Hulk" ride, Turji went there while Sly followed him to pickpocket some engine keys. He also watched out for his bodyguards which were following him.

Hacking Surprise

As Bentley hacked a computer and finished, Turji was down in the ground talking to a lemur about his own plan. Turji intended to malfunction all the rides into killing all people who entered. Bentley heard the whole plan, and went running to the Safehouse.

Operation: Thanksgiving Dinner

After finishing the first phase of the operation, the gang headed inside the castle and Turji ambushed them with many of his guards. He sweet-talked the gang into joining his empire but they refused, Turji was angry at this response, Sly then stated that Turji is just thanksgiving dinner, this infuriated Turji maximum. He grabbed Sly and flew to the Turji King ride.

1st Phase

The battle has 3 phases, first phase being in the Harry Potter ride. The cart you ride in was modified into a square arena without seats, Turji attacks you by throwing sharp rows feathers, running at you, using his daggers. Be careful, as the animatronic monsters of the ride will also attack you with first a dragon spews fire, many poisonous spiders join the arena, a giant tree attacks you, ghosts will also attack you. To attack him, wait until you reach the end of the ride and Turji will perform an Aerial Assault attack where he flies around the arena fast. Once he stops, he will be tired, hit him many times and he will fly out of the ride. Follow him to the "Jurassic Park" place into the ride of the same name.

2nd Phase

The 2nd one takes place in a yellow raft in the "Jurassic Park: River Adventure" ride. Turji will perform his attacks along with throwing a small dinosaur at you which if it hits you, it will cling onto you and it will be harder to jump. The animatronic dinosaurs will also attack you, the ultrasaurus will snort poisonous water, the hadrosaur will splash out of the water, the T-Rex at the end will try and bite you. Do the same process as the first phase and he will escape again. Follow him again through the park until you reach the last ride.

3rd Phase

The last phase is on the "Popeyes Bilge Rats" water ride. Turji will do his same attacks while animatronics will attack you. This ride just happens to have various machinery and animatronics to attack you. Wait until the end of the ride, and wait for Turji's Aerial Assault attack and hit him when he is tired and you will win.


Turji was defeated and he was incarcerated for life in the same prison cell as Tsao. Island Of Adventure was restored to it's original self and the gang saved Jing King again.


Spear Tigers

Serve as flashlights guards

Chinese Pigs

Serve as rooftop guards

Chinese Monkeys

Serve as rooftop guards


Turji is narcissistic and is very obsessed with his family line, like his foster brother. He is also very cruel, insulting anybody he sees, friend or foe. He also disrespects women shown when he pushed Jing out of his way and locked her up. He is also shown to be merciless, willing to kill a family if they got on a ride.


General Turji is an anthropomorphic Turkey. He has the same color scheme as a real turkey. He wears the same plating as Tsao. He also appears to somehow gobble sometimes in his sentences.


Turji is very good at mechanics, being behind one of the most terrible ride mishaps. He is also shown to be able to keep his momentum even in a fast moving ride. He is also one of the many flying Sly Cooper villains able to fly.


  • Turji's name is probably a combination of Turkey & the Chinese word for Turkey.

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