" Figaro! FigarofigarofigaroFIGARO! Wasn't it good boys!?"
— Joe singing awfully to his guards

Gator Joe
Gator Joe

Gator Joe's Concept Art

"Top mining artist!"








Small shotgun, Jaws, Singing voice

Current Status

Alive, Incarcerated

Voice Actor

Hugh Jackman




Big Boss, The Boss

Gator Joe is an exclusive villain in the DLC pack "Honor Among Thieves". He is the boss of Sidney, Australia.


Having been addicted to mining and opera, Joe was a weird kid to others and people did not like to be near him. He had no friends, his only friends were the shovel & hard hat. When he grew up, he became a top miner that used his mining skills for thievery. He was situated in Yuendumu, Australia with his miner guards but as soon as he heard there was a supernatural thing running around, he escaped and was caught and incarcerated. Using his skills, he dug a hole in the cell and escaped to Australia and started an operation to take over Sydney, Australia.

Episode 2: Tumble Down to Heat

Taking over

Joe quickly turned Sydney into a mining site with rock formations and small buildings to add feel to the level. Covering each place with a drill of some sort, he touched every part of Sydney except for the Opera House. Which he left untouched and only added a sign saying "Joe's Opera House". The miner guards returned to the level and the place was all a mining site.

Australian Bar

Inside the nearby bar, Joe appeared drinking lemonade while you have to sneak through the pipes in the ceiling. He is talking about the Opera House and it's performances with some Kangaroo guards.


Sly followed Joe through his mining camp to retrieve data about his operation. He strolled through camp talking with his guards and stopping on the important parts until he got to the opera, he entered it and admired the stage and practiced by singing, which he was awful. After finishing, he exited the house to his base.

Operation: Alligator Wrestling

After the first phase of the mission, the gang head inside the Joe's base and find him sitting in a chair. Knowing who was the gang, he was mad at them that they defeated his miners in Yuendumu, and escaped with a digger machine that appeared on his window to the Opera House. The Sly followed him here and the battle ensued.


The battle starts as soon as you enter the Opera House. Joe will be shooting sound waves at you due to his awful opera voice. Avoid them, the floor is filled with spikes, you'll have to jump to the seats and reach Joe, he will attack by singing, spinning his tail, shooting his shotgun or charge at you. To attack him, wait until he charges and lead him into the spikes below, he will fall down and jump back up due to being hurt. Attack him many times in this state. Repeat the process and you will win.


Joe was defeated and was jailed for illegally mining. He spends his time talking with Toothpick & Simon Ataturk which he is between.


Shotgun Dingoes

Serve as flashlight guards

Green Kangaroos

Serve as rooftop guards

Whipping Gliders

Serve as rooftop guards


The gyrocopter is a helicopter that flies around throwing dynamite. This time, the dynamite doesn't do damage to guards.


Joe has a big boss-like personality. He has great respect to himself and brags about them, he also likes Opera music and sings it even though he sounds terrible. He is also scared of paranormal things like the Mask of Dark Earth, which he was aware that existed.


Gator Joe is an anthropomorphic Alligator. He is green in color with a light brown belly and brown eyes. He wears a hardhat with a flashlight outfitted on to it and wears a brown vest with a white shirt that appears that it doesn't fit him. His pants are brown with a black belt and black shoes. His tail spikes are dark green in color. He also carries a shotgun that is identical to the Dingo ones except it's smaller.


Joe is a skilled miner and is an expert at using his shotgun. His opera voice is awful, making damaging sound waves. He can also charge very fast being somewhat rotund in size.


  • Gator Joe's battle is almost similar to Miss Decibel's one.
    • His battle also resembles N. Tropy's battle from Crash Bandicoot.

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