London steampunk

Gaslight London(Timeline 300)

Gaslight in winter.jpeg

The Eastman (The crew safehouse)

Snow in london

Gaslamp London

Snow in London full

London in winter(full)

Liverpool auto's polar bear ad

polar bear ad

Gaslamp London is the frist Level in "Sly cooper, Rise of the thieves"

The boss of this level is Spring heel jack, Voice by Bill nighy


Music well be a semi-steampunk ambient jazz( like on the wall) with a Snow storm effect

the fight music well be In the slaughter

Tumblr Tophat and tesla

Gaslight Babbage street

Liverpool auto's polar bear

The Polar bear (London car)

1830's bus

James OLD bus

4-2-0 Road engine

2-4-0 road

Skull D. Buster

"skull" D. Buster


Pyro Auk

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