The Frozen Rose is a Treasure that can be collected in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses in "The Thief of the Magic Rings". It's worth 178 coins and the needed time is thirty-four seconds.


"During magic training, Dëma accidently froze a rose bush, leaving it in frost. This magic enchanted the roses so they would never melt or die. The bush remained prestained in its beautiful frost over the years. It always reminded Dëma about how much of an ametaur he was at elemental magic back then. One time during one of their encounters, Dëma slowed time to place one of the beautiful roses in Carmara's hair. This started a small chain reaction between them. Carmara hid the small flower somewhere secret so no one would know who she got it from."


This Treasure is located behind a tree near the Clock Tower. There's a special spell around it that allows only Carmara to see it, but also Carmelita because she's her alternate self so Carmelita is the only one who could get this treasure.

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