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Freedom and Betrayal is the second mission in the Age of Pirates in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Rescue Henriette.

How to Complete and Dialogue

The mission starts out with controling Sly. The marker is on the edge of a bluff viewing the coast. Once there, the rest of the gang and Red Rum Roger show up.

  • Bentley: Okay, Red Rum. Are you sure below us is the cave prison where they'e keeping Henriette?
  • RRR: Right I am, matey. Saw 'em drag de Captain in there with me own swaggled eyes.
  • Sly: If the first mate don't lie, I say we get moving.

The gang, excluding Sly, leave with the albatross to head down to the coast. You can follow, but a shortcut is to jump off and use the Paraglider. There will be a cave at the bottom. Everyone else suddenly appears. They all enter the cave. In the cave are no guards for some reason. Short dialogue starts.

  • Sly: No guards or high-tech security? Bentley, I thought you said this place will be packed with mercinary thugs.
  • Benley: Agree. Something's off here. But this is where Henriette is, so we have to move on.

Controlling Sly, you go down the lantern lit passage in the cave with the others following. Soon, you come across five different tunnels that look almost identical.

  • Bentley: The compass won't work here. This is bad.
  • RRR: You know, I actually overheard a few sea rats mentioning somethin' about a "chamber with a scar". Don't know what that hogwash could mean, though.

Using the Binocucom will help you locate an almost invisible scratch mark at the entrance of the fourth tunnel. Head down that way and the the others will follow. Keep moving until you come to a one-room cell bay. Henriette is inside the cell laying against the cave wall with her arms crossed and legs stretched out. Beside the door to the cell is an attached computer. Dialogue starts with the five running up to the cell.

  • Sly: Henriette!
  • Hennriette: (Henriette looks up with a slight scowl and doesn't notice her first mate.) And who are you landlubbers?
  • RRR: Captain! These mates have come from de future, or so they claim. We have come to break you out before you dance with Jack Ketch.
  • Hennriette: (sarcastically) Well, yo ho ho, First Mate. If yer here to get me out, do it. Though I doubht you can get into that cursed box.
  • Bentley: THAT? Don't make me laugh. That model is SOOO old fashioned. It'll only take a minute. (Bentley heads over to the computer to hack it.)

After completing a complicated Spark Runner Arcade, it'll go back to a dialogue.

  • Bentley: Password... piece of cake... overriding security... rerouting lock in three, two, one.

The lock to the cell falls off and the door swings open. Henriette is wide eyed and impressed.

  • Henriette: Well, swaggle me one eye.
  • Sly: (walks in and holds a hand out to his ancestor and speaks with pirate accent) Shall we leave, Captain One-Eye?
  • Henriette: (flattered voice) My, for a sea dog, you sure know your manners to a wench.
  • Carmelita: (Carmelita becomes a little agitated.) Don't get any ideas, sister. That Ringtail is mine.
  • Bentley: (Bentley shakes his head with exaggerated voice.) Oh great. It's Medievil England all over again. (When the two raccoons get out of the cell, Henriette notices Roger about to stab Murray.)
  • Henriette: (Henriette hurridly snatches Sly's cane from him and dashes forward.) Look out, blubberball! (Henriette pushes Murray aside and uses the hook of the cane to stop Roger's sword. Unfortunately, this causes Murray to crash into the gang and they all fall into the cell. The door closes. RRR takes out a tiny hand cannon and blast a small cannonball at the ceiling, causing rocks to fall in front of the cell.)
  • Henriette: What 'tis the meaning of this, Red Rum?
  • RRR: (Roger laughs hysterically) Awe, Cooper, you're cute when you're naive and angry. Let me ask you something. Who do you think sold the Emerald Eclipse along with its sea rovers to the great Black Beard? Who turned you in?
  • Henriette: (Henriette realizes it was him that was behind it all and gets angry.) Why you double-crossing, no good scallywag! Explain yourself!
  • RRR: 'Tings change, One-Eye. An so will de color of yer fur when run ya through!
  • Hennriette: I'm gonna throw ya into a dead man's chest and then down to Davy Jones' Locker when I'm done with you, traitor! (The two engage in battle. Henriette is using Sly's cane as her current weapon. Roger has his sword out.)

Henriette must defeat Red Rum Roger in a QTE event to win. Roger will attempt to slash and stab Henriette multiple times. However, each button is assigned a specific command. The circle button lets Henriette dodge Roger's stabs, the X button lets Henriette dodge Roger's vertical slashes, and the triangle button allows Henriette to dodge Roger's horizontal slashes. But occasionally, Henriette will block Roger's attacks instead of avoiding them, permitting her to use the square button to attack Roger several times, decreasing Roger's HP. Repeat this process for as long as necessary until the battle is over. More dialogue starts once this happens.

  • RRR: This ain't over, wench! Black Beard shall rule the Seven Seas and you and those buccaneers shall be poxed! (RRR flees, leaving his sword behind. The rock wall is knocked down by a punch from Murray, surprising the pirate raccoon.)
  • Henriette: Shiver me Timbers! Such strength!
  • Murray: Thanks, Captain! Murray reporting for duty!
  • Bentley: I'm Bentley, Henriette.
  • Carmelita: It's Carmelita.
  • Sly: The name's Sly. Sly Cooper.
  • Henriette: (ears twitch at "Cooper", looks at Sly as if he were lying, inspects the cane) Hm, solid gold... fine woodwork... real Cooper quality. (looks at Sly) Not to mention that you look slightly like my father. (shrugs) Hm, seems safe to believe you sea rovers. (turns to the tunnel) Now, it's best we depart! Handsomely now! (marches down the tunnel)

The Cooper Gang give each other confused looks before following the captain.

Job Complete

Level Outro

  • Sly: "Henriette wasn't exactly pleased to know that I was related to her, but she managed to get over it rather quickly. We asked her to tell us about Red Rum Roger, and she gave us the goods. According to her, Roger was on the run from the law when the two of them met each other. When the Wandering Trident, Roger's ship, crashed into the harbor in Jamaica, Roger tried to steal Henriette's ship, which resulted in a sword fight. Roger lost the battle, but agreed to join Henriette as her first mate. Eventually, the two of them gained a following and that following became her crew. Unfortunately, they were only so loyal, seeing how easily they were bought off by "Black Beard". I could see the depressed look on Henriette's face. It reminded everyone about what Penelope did to Bentley, and that made each of us angry. Surprisingly, it was Murray who reacted to this the most. He actually threw a whole box of pastries he had brought with him out the window of the hideout! We knew he had been stewing about Penelope ever since the Celtic Scotland affair, but at this point, he was ready to snap! He wanted to defeat Penelope so badly... We could tell just by looking at him that things were going to get tough. And it wasn't just because of Penelope."

Ghostly Voyage


  • Credit for making this mission page goes to SoulKingdomCreator.

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