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"Flying Arrows" is the third mission in "Rob-bin' King" in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses. It is also the first gameplay mission with Rob O'Coop-Er.


  • Pickpocket Sir Percyrille, Sir Jeflet, and Sir Arpeth.

How to Complete and Dialogue

You must select Rob for this mission. The marker will be on a line of flags. A cutscene plays with Sir Percyrille walking with an armored tiger.

Percyrille: Jeflet, have you ever been so frustrated with your squires in all your life?

Jeflet: Why thou ask that?

Percyrille: Because O'Coop-Er got away! With the help of a wizard!

Jeflet: A wizard? Weren't all of them banished when his Magesty took the throne?

Percyrille: They were, but it seems that they are returning here to Parilot. And to think, it is a raccoon, as well.

Jeflet: Hmph. Not even the gratest wizard can stand up to my blade.

Bentley: All right, Rob. We've decided to get you back on track with your liberating. The best way to do that at this point is to pickpocket those "oh-so famous" knights. Originally, we were to have Dëma help you out by slowing time, but as you know, he currently has a fever from your last job.

Rob: Yeah, the poor chap. Hope he gets well soon. But I don't need his magic to get money out of these two. They're Percyrille and Jeflet. One little distracton and they forget about everything else. Actually, it's the same for ALL of them "knights".

Bentley: All right then. Good luck.

Follow Percyrille and Jeflet until you reach a bucket full of arrows on a blue rooftop.

Rob: Hmm, I do need to reload. And these will make the perfect distraction.

Hit the circle button to grab an arrow and go into Firing Mode.

Rob: Time for me and my bow to relearn the ropes. Okay... I just hold the R2 button to draw back the arrow and then release the R2 button to release it. Then with the left analog stick, I can guide it to the target.

The "target" will be a bag of flour by a bakery. Once the two knights are close enough to it, press the R2 and release. Use the left analog stick to move the arrow in midair into the flour sack. It will bust open and flour will get into their eyes, making them stop to cough and wipe them. While they're blinded, pickpocket them. In both of their bags, there are "Creeds of Chivalry". Once their pockets are clean, Rob will dash to the rooftops to hide as the skunk and tiger finish cleaning their eyes.

Percyrille: What  in the name of Poseidon's kraken was that?!

Jeflet: (sees the arrow in the sack, growls and yanks it out) It's that blasted Rob O'Coop-Er! Once I see him, I'm gonna rip his head right off his shoulders!

Percyrille: You and me both! Now I need another bath! (both leave)

Rob: (has his hand over his mouth to supress his laughter) You gotta love how those two react to everything.

Sly: Hahahahaha! I know I do! That was ridiculous!

Bentley: (laugh) Agreed! Definitely agreed!

The sound of a door opening is heard from below. Rob peaks over the edge of the roof to see a parrot in armor on a horse exiting a stable.

???: What in Heaven's name was that racket? And what's with all the flour? (notices boot tracks in the flour, sighs) Those two idiots. They had to play their silly sword games out here, didn't they? (horse starts moving)

Rob: Well well well, Sir Arpeth. The smartest of the "knights", though he can barely hold up a lance with falling off his horse.

Sly: (snort in laughter) Oh, I would love to see Arpeggio try to lift up a lance.

Rob: Who?

Sly: Why don't you go see what you can get from that little bird-brain?

Rob: Hm, making an approach on Arpeth will take cunning stealth. Perfect challenge for me.

Follow Arpeth and his horse until you reach another bucket of arrows on a higher, red fooftop.

Rob: A ha. Those pails over there will make a lot of noise if knocked over. If there's one thing I know about bird-brain's horse, it's afraid of loud sounds. If I scare it, it will flail and Arpeth will be thrown off.

Aim at the pail towers. Once they're hit, they'll topple over, making a loud bang and crash. Arpeth's horse begins to shake and neigh in fright. Indeed, the parrot is thrown off and lands on the ground with a fatigue. While he's like that, pickpocket him until you get his "Creed of Chivalry". Once done, the archer raccoon will go back up the building and hide by the bell at the very top.

Arpeth: Why that little, good-for-nothing, son of Hermes! Who does that brat think he is?! The King of Fools?! I'd love to see him put in the circus! (goes to get his horse, unaware of a laughing raccoon at the top of a church)

Bentley: Oh my goodness! (laugh) That was a beautiful rant! (laugh)

Sly, Dëma, Murray, and Penelope's laughter can be heard in the background along with Pence and Lil' Mar.

Carmelita: Yeah! (laugh)

Job Complete

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