The Flip Flop Universe is a multiverse in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses. It is the level of "Flip Cops and Flop Robbers". The specific city is Madrid, Spain in Europe.






The Flip Flop Universe is very similar to the Reverse Universe, where good guys are bad guys and vise versa, but with a little twist. Instead, the roles of people are switched around, an example being a millionaire in this universe when the person's poor in the Primordial Universe.



Scary Sheep: They serve as flashlight guards. These Barbary Sheep are brown in color with light brown horns and hooves. They wear blue suits along with black gloves. They carry a shotgun with a flashlight attachment.

Lollygagging Lynx: Serve as rooftop guards. They are brown in color with darker brown spots around their bodies. They wear a black sweater vest. Their weapon of choice are miniature Shock Pistols.

Mad Minks: Serve as rooftop guards. They are reddish-brown with darker brown around their necks and feet. They wear blue caps with blue pants. They carry baton to attack you.




  • All guards in this hub are officers of Interpol.

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