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The Feudal Universe is a multiverse that appears in Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses. It is represented in the sixth episode, "Way of the Ringed Ninja".



  • Time to Break-Out!
  • Recon of the Dragon
  • Palace Raid
  • Don't Bite Out
  • The Arrow, The Bullet, and The Shuriken
  • Hesitation from Meditation
  • Geishas-Kawaii!
  • When Someone's Snacking
  • Hippo Stampede
  • Operation: Pink Spring Roll-down


Safe Treasure

  • Cunaku's Scabberd

Pickpocket Treasure

  • Jade Tooth
  • Platinum Medalian
  • Silk Pillow


  • Shirai Coopachi - alternate of Sly Cooper
  • Sumato - altenate of Bentley
  • Marizaru - alternate of Murray
  • Bi-en Kitsune - alternate of Carmelita Fox



Japanese cultures mix in with everything in the Feudal Universe.




Flying Foxes: Serve as flashlight guard. These bats are light brown in color with orange wings. They wear black ninja outfits. They carry a Japanese lantern and have a bag on their backs that carries shurikens used to throw.

Ominous Otters: Serve as rooftop guard. These otters are reddish-brown and wear black ninja suits that end on their bottom half. They carry ninja blades to attack you.

Sassy Salamanders: Serve as rooftop guards. These Giant Salamanders are yellowish-orange in color and wear monk suits. They don't carry anything but can attack by using otherworldly powers.


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