Mummy's Boy

Family Ties is the fifth mission in Ancient Egypt in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Infiltrate the palace.
  • Escort Ankh to the hideout.

How Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay begins with Slytunkhamen Cooper. Head over to the palace garden gates, where the marker is located. Once Slytunkhamen reaches the marker, this cutscene will begin.

  • Slytunkhamen: It's been awhile since I went after pharaohs. So nostalgic...
  • Bentley: Right. Now, Slytunkhamen, there are guards everywhere in that garden. Ever since we went through that pyramid, we won't be able to get to Qwerty normally. You'll have to use some of your magic to take care of things here.
  • Slytunkhamen: Don't worry, turtle.
  • Bentley: Bentley. My name is Bentley.
  • Slytunkhamen: Right then, Bentley, you need to stand back. This will get messy. (Slytunkhamen enters the garden and gets himself ready for the mission.)

After a brief rundown on Slytunkhamen's Shadow Power abilities, Slytunkhamen must head forward, using his advanced Shadow Power technique to sneak past the guards undetected. He must then silently take down each guard to successfully progress to the next section of the garden. In this section, Slytunkhamen must use the False Scarab Technique to lure guards into a series of natural booby traps, disabling the traps in the process. Once at the back door, Slytunkhamen uses the False Scarab Technique one more time to lure a guard into breaking down the back door. This causes a cutscene to begin.

  • Slytunkhamen: The way is open, Sly. Go and set things right.
  • Sly: Okay, but if anything happens outside, notify me, okay?
  • Slytunkhamen: Understood.

As Sly, run into the back of the palace. This results in the beginning and ending of a loading screen and then a brief cutscene.

  • Sly: Hmm... The security around the garden was surprisingly weak. This has to be another setup. I'll have to be cautious from now on, or I'll end up in jail again.

Up ahead are a series of stairs, a few of which have spikes coming out of them. Sly only needs to avoid the sections of the stairs that have spikes and move onward, where he'll come across a three-way crossroad. To Sly's left is what appears to be a dead end but is actually concealing a hidden hole for Sly to crawl through, leading him to a Secret Sly Mask. If Sly goes straight on through, he'll fall into a deathtrap. Thus, Sly must go to his right if he is to proceed. Once done, there will be a series of spikes that Sly can Ninja Spire Jump on and a few Jaded Jackals, guarding the entrance to a mysterious chamber. Defeat the jackals and enter the chamber. In the chamber lies a switch that must be hit with Sly's cane to be activated. This causes some spikes to rise up from the ground, taking him to the upper floor of Qwerty's palace. Take out or get past the Dangerous Donkey on patrol up there and Sly will reach a chamber with many bird feathers on the ground. Once Sly gets closer to some stairs headed upward, a cutscene will start.

  • Sly: (Sly hears voices from around the left corner of the corridor.) Hmm? (Sly looks behind the corner without being seen.)
  • Qwerty: No no NO!! It's all wrong! How the heck is that raccoon able to turn invisible!? I have to know!
  • Sly: (Sly squints at Qwerty as if he wants to beat him up.) Qwerty...
  • Qwerty: Those feathered freaks have been a problem as of late... The birds that she wanted are all here, but none of them are what she needs. If the plans are to be completed as she intends, then I'll be...hmm... I believe I may have an idea. Guards!! (Two Spiteful Scorpions enter the chamber from the opposite hallway to Sly. Sly remains unnoticed.)
  • Spiteful Scorpion 1: Your grace, we have information concerning the legendary "Wing of Ra".
  • Spiteful Scorpion 2: It exists! It actually exists!
  • Qwerty: (Qwerty looks over to them.) Interesting. Does anyone else know about this?
  • Spiteful Scorpion 1: Indeed. The priestess Ankhesenamun knows all about it.
  • Spiteful Scorpion 2: But be careful, my liege. She is in league with that thief.
  • Qwerty: Hmm... Interesting development. Seek out the wing and bring it to me. As for the raccoon, put him in his place. (Sly cracks his knuckles. Sly realizes he just made a mistake. Qwerty's ears perk up, as if he heard something.) Oh and don't fret about the other raccoon. I know where he is. (Sly grows tense.) He's watching us right..........THERE!! (Qwerty uses one of his khopeshes to point to Sly's location.)
  • Sly: (Sly defeats the two Spiteful Scorpions as they try to attack him.) You're through, Qwerty!
  • Qwerty: Hmph. Terrific. I was actually hoping that you'd show up. After I let you activate that switch back in the pyramid, I knew I had to see you up close and conscious.
  • Sly: Well here I am, copycat.
  • Qwerty: Well, that's rude. I'm an innovator, not an emulator.
  • Sly: Yeah right. You even gave your tail stripes!
  • Qwerty: Hahahahaha! That's the funniest thing I heard all day. I'm a ring-tailed cat, raccoon. Figuratively speaking, I'm like your distant cousin. This means that I can do anything you can, but only better because I'm built for success.
  • Sly: Doesn't seem that way to me. Bet you can't do this!!
  • Qwerty: (Sly destroys Qwerty's computer) My measurements! (Sly jumps out of the palace window. Qwerty activates an intercom) Guards!! Get that raccoon and find the priestess Ankhesenamun!! And get the birds and equipment out of here. We're moving everything to one of the pyramids.

After the cutscene and loading screen ends, Sly contacts Carmelita, which begins another cutscene.

  • Sly: Good news, Carm! It looks like those missing birds were caught by Qwerty! Also, does Slytunkhamen know anyone by the name "Ankhesenamun"?
  • Carmelita: I'm not sure. Why, ringtail?
  • Sly: Because Qwerty wants her for this "Wing of Ra" or whatever!
  • Carmelita: (Carmelita hears a scream in the distance) That must be her (Carmelita runs toward the Nile River, where two Dangerous Donkeys have Ankh cornered) Hold it right there!! (Carmelita fires their Shock Pistol at the donkeys, defeating them.)
  • Ankh: (Ankh looks around for anymore guards. Breathes a sigh of relief when she doesn't see anymore of them.) You saved me. Tell me. Who are you, ma'am?
  • Carmelita: I am Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox. (Carmelita notices similarities in Ankh's physical appearance to her own) Um, you wouldn't happen to have the famous Fox mole somewhere on your face, do you? (Ankh moves her hair to reveal a mole on the left side of her face.) I don't believe it. Could you be my ancestor?
  • Ankh: I sense the blood of the Egyptians within you, Carmelita. There is no doubt that we are related. I wonder whom I will wed?
  • Carmelita: That's not important right now. For now, I need to get you out of here. (Carmelita gets out her binocucom.) Bentley, I just saved my ancestor. I'm requesting backup in case more guards arrive.
  • Bentley: Ankh is your ancestor? Interesting. Anyway, Murray heard the scuffle and is on his way now. (Carmelita sees Murray running toward her and Ankh.) Good. You're here, hippo.
  • Murray: Yup! So, what's the problem?
  • Bentley: Murray, you and Carmelita better get Ankh to the hideout where it's safe. She could be of great help later on. Besides, she's Carmelita's ancestor. If anything happens to her, Carmelita might not even exist. Now get going!

Carmelita jumps on top of the roofs and gameplay switches to her. Murray will defeat some of the guards who manage to get too close to Ankh, but most, if not all, of the guards must be defeated by Carmelita, as Ankh's hit points are few and risks mustn't be taken. Once the Cooper Gang reaches the hideout, this final cutscene will play out.

  • Ankh: Thank you, brave hippo. You're really strong. You're also really familiar. Have we met before?
  • Murray: Um, no, ma'am, but "The Murray" is always ready for service!
  • Ankh: And thank you, Miss Fox. You make quite the magician.
  • Carmelita: Ankh, this is called a Shock Pistol. It's pure science.
  • Ankh: Oh. That's interesting. Tell me all about it inside, okay? (Ankh, Carmelita and Murray all head inside the hideout.)

Job Complete

What a Croc!

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