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FREEDOM!! is the second mission in Celtic Scotland in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves.


  • Infiltrate the fortress.
  • Rescue Slaigh MacCooper.

How to Complete & Dialogue

Gameplay begins with Bentley. As Bentley, head to the left of the safehouse near a small building. This is where marker is located. Once Bentley has reached the marker, a cutscene will start.

  • Bentley: Okay, Sly, I need you to just wait a second before we go and rescue Slaigh, okay?
  • Sly: Why? Can't we just have Murray break down the doors?
  • Bentley: And have a bunch of guards breathing down our necks? I don't think so. If I did my math right, and I always do my math right, there should be a small opening into the fortress located somewhere in the back. The problem is trying to find out how to get there.
  • Sly: Hmm... I have an idea. There are a lot of skateboarding ramps nearby. Maybe there's a switch or something hidden behind one of them.
  • Bentley: That sounds like a good idea, Sly! But which one? Hmm... Stand back. I've got this.

As Bentley, head over to the ramp closest to the fortress. Once Bentley gets behind the ramp, a terminal will be visible. This terminal must be hacked into in order for the way inside the fortress to be activated. The hacking mini-game this time around is Viral Demolition. Once the mini-game has been completed, a brief cutscene will start.

  • Bentley: (Bentley witnesses the walls of the fortress going down, unblocking the path to a hole in the back of the fortress.) I'm a genius!! The walls have come down!!
  • Sly: Excellent, Bentley. Now all I need to do is sneak inside and let nature take care of the rest.

Gameplay switches to Sly. As Sly, go toward the back of the fortress, which is now unblocked by obstructions. Sneak into the hole, and it'll bring up a loading screen. After the loading screen is over with, another brief cutscene will begin.

  • Sly: (Sly looks around. Sly notices how big the fortress actually is.) Woah... This might take a little bit longer than I thought...

The first room is completely empty with the exception of a well-hidden Secret Sly Mask, which is located directly above the entrance. Head forward through the door leading to a cellar with many kegs full of drinks of all sorts. There are many Monstrous Martens and Diabolical Deer patrolling the area, along with an occasional Heinous Hyena, Coldhearted Cat, and Cruel Crocodile. Avoid the deer and martens and climb up a rope leading to some chandeliers. Rail-Walk on the chandeliers and head to an area in the room devoid of guards, which has plenty of kegs concealing Sly's presence. Take out the deer on patrol next to the room's exit and head into the kitchen, where a group of Callous Crows are busy guarding some prison cells. A brief cutscene will begin once this section of the fortress has been accessed.

  • Sly: (Sly takes out his binocucom.) Bentley, look at all of these cells! I can't see into them thanks to the doors.
  • Bentley: Be careful, Sly. None of those cells actually have anyone in them. Why else would those crows just stand there protecting only one of them?
  • Sly: Good point. Thanks, buddy.
  • Bentley: Anytime. (Sly puts away his binocucom. the Callous Crows notice Sly.)
  • Callous Crow 1: Swatch, lads! Intruder!
  • Callous Crow 2: He looks weak! Let's gie heem!
  • Callous Crow 3: Ye cannae win, laddie! There's tay mony ay us!
  • Sly: We'll see about that.

Combat the crows until each of them, plus their reinforcements, have been dealt with. Once they are gone, Sly must put a portable hacking device on the terminal that keeps the special cell door closed. This mini-game is Spark Runner. Once this mini-game is beaten, a cutscene will begin.

  • Sly: (Sly opens the cell door.) Okay, Slaigh, time to come (Sly is surprised to see it is a young fox woman rather than Slaigh MacCooper.)
  • Agnes: (Agnes takes out her bow and points an arrow at Sly.) Fa ur ye? Ye arenae wi' 'at sypug, ur ye, laddie?
  • Sly: Okay, look, relax, lady. I'm here to save Slaigh MacCooper. Do you know where he is? I'm his descendant from the future.
  • Agnes: (Agnes takes a long look at Sly, who is slightly nervous due to the arrow pointed at his heart. Agnes slowly puts the arrow back with the rest of her ammo.) Ye hae his een, loon. Yoo're tellin' th' truth. If yoo're lookin' fur yer ancestur, he is somewhaur near th' roof ay th' fortress. 'At goshawk locked heem up weel, thocht. An' aam warnin' ye noo. Dornt underestimate heem. Ye kin? Yoo're gettin' intae a lot ay trooble comin' haur, loon. Noo Ah need tae gie gonnae an' gie help frae th' nearby village. 'At spyug hasnae reached it yit. Lae is up tae ye! Och, an Ah am Agnes. Agnes-Aggy MacFox. (Agnes quickly shakes a confused Sly's hand and runs off toward where Sly had gone to.)
  • Sly: ...Okay then...uh... Right then. She said something the roof. Okay, I think I know where to go now. But that face. It's so familiar. (Sly realizes who Agnes resembled.) Wow. Who knew Carmelita had such intimidating ancestors. And here I thought it was just her.

Once the cutscene ends, head into the other room. Le Dude is playing a video game in the background. This causes a brief cutscene to appear involving Le Dude getting angry at someone camping in a video game and then him looking at the camera, which causes words in bold letters to appear, kind of like what happened with Sheriff Toothpick and El Jefe.

  • Sly: So this is the bird Agnes was talking about? He's going to be really fun to mess with, I can already tell.

Sly must sneak past Le Dude and head toward some stairs. This leads to a series of obstacles that Sly must overcome, such as a pit full of boiling water and spike traps. Ninja Spire Jump on some spikes that won't retract to head closer and closer to the where Slaigh's cell is located. Sly must continue ascending until he reaches this platform. Once he does, a cutscene will start.

  • Sly: Don't worry, Slaigh, I'm here to-- (Slaigh busts himself out of the cell, much to Sly's surprise.)
  • Slaigh: FREEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Slaigh looks toward Sly.) Ye waur sayin', laddie? (Sly is silently staring at Slaigh as if Sly was in awe.) HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Thes sort ay hin' happens aw ay th' time, loon!! What's yer nam? Ye hae a name, reit?
  • Sly: Uh-I-It's Sly. Sly Cooper.
  • Slaigh: A fellaw thief? Wondeful! (Slaigh pats Sly on the back. Sly has a painful look on his face, as if Slaigh almost broke his back.) Nae tae fash yerse, laddie! I'll gie us it ay haur! (Sly grabs Sly and rushes toward an old wall, breaking it and escaping the fortress, sound many alarms.)
  • Le Dude: (Le Dude flies toward the cell and realizes that no one is in it and that it has been destroyed.) Not cool, bro! Not cool! Guards, totally get your butts in gear! We got an escaped prisoner, man!!

Job Complete

Level Outro

  • Sly: "Slaigh MacCooper was hesitant at first, but he eventually told us who had imprisoned him in that fort. Apparently, someone calling himself 'Le Dude' was responsible for it. After Bentley did some data crunching, and after we found out what a goshawk was, we were able to figure out just who this Le Dude guy was. Once a famous skateboarder from Santa Monica, Le Dude had gotten into trouble with the law when some friends asked him to help out with a robbery. The leader of the group left him and the other robbers behind, and they ended up in prison. After breaking free, Le Dude took his friends' weapons and became a weapon smuggler. He soon began using his own skateboarding skills in his crimes, usually getting away in one piece, though I can't say the same for everyone around him. I have to admit, it certainly seems surprising that Le Dude even got involved in this mess. And given all of the weaponry his hired guns have in their arsenal, I knew this was going to be tough. Unfortunately for Le Dude, I happen to like it that way."

That Magic Feeling

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