Eviland is the fifth mission in the level 18th Dynasty Egypt in the game Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns.


  • Enter the Rabbit Hole
  • Head traverse the animatronic-crazy level
  • Hack the main computer

How to Complete and Dialogue

Bentley needs to be chosen for this mission. The mission beacon is located near Winston's base of operations. Once you reach it, this dialogue will occur.

  • Bentley: All right Murray, you and I are going to have to conspire for this okay?
  • Murray: Great! Nobody can beat the team of "Freshwaters"!
  • Bentley: Ok? Anyway, you see this little hole in the ground?
  • Murray: It must be awesome right?!
  • Bentley: Not really, inside it is a nightmare of things! Various animatronic Fairytale villains are down there!
  • Murray: No worries! I'll clobber them!
  • Bentley: Unfortunately, these machines have a backup generator that powers ALL of the machines here! And you know what happens next right?
  • Murray: I'll MURRAY them!
  • Bentley: Sorry big guy but if you destroy the generator, we'll probably set of an alarm, no for this job, I'll need to hack the main computer there.
  • Murray: And why do you need me for?
  • Bentley: Easy, as I said, there's deadly machines down there and there's sure to be guards too, I'll need your muscle to help me.
  • Murray: Yes! The Murray gets to do something!
  • Bentley: I'll meet you there, see you soon. (Bentley closes the binocucom)

Head to the rabbit hole near the hedge maze, once you reach it, this small dialogue will occur.

  • Bentley: Good you're here, now, let's be careful inside, we don't want any trouble down there.
  • Murray: If there's any trouble, I'll pummel it! (Bentley and Murray drop down the Rabbit Hole, unfortunately, Murray gets stuck on it and Bentley jumps on him, he then falls down and Bentley follows)
  • Murray: (Murray falls down and gets up) Woah! Bentley was right, this is scary.
  • Bentley: (Bentley falls down but immediately uses the hover pack to get out of a dangerous situation) It sure is, now we need to find the generator, and you'll be helping me.
  • Murray: The Murray is happy to help!

Gameplay changes to Murray, Bentley will follow you similar to the Something's Fishy job from TiT. Head through the open circle in the front and go to left of the opening. In here you'll end up in a "dark forest" area that has various rooftop guards and some flashlight guards, head through the river by jumping on the rocks (the current is fast so if you fall, you immediately die) and arrive in the real forest. There are smiling teeth that follow you and giant butterflies that don't pose as a threat but as scenery. Traverse the forest and jump on a geyser with a rock on it, it will take you up a hill with a gate on it, lift the gate by pressing the Circle button many times. Head through it and you'll end up in a small cave. This cave is small and only houses a sleeping Dragon, don't run in this part or else it will wake up and it's job failed. Pass through the ramp around the Dragon and exit the cave. An opened space area is next with a yellow brick road that leads to the generator itself, once you reach it, this cutscene will occur.

  • Bentley: Thanks Murray and now, prepare yourself computer, I'm gonna show you my Code-Fu!

After a seemingly easy Spark Runner minigame, this cutscene will occur.

(The generator overheats and starts bouncing, eventually shutting down)

  • Murray: Great! It's turned off!
  • Bentley: Take that computer! At least I earned my black belt and thank you Murray for helping.
  • Murray: No problem buddy! (Both escape from the area offscreen)

Job Complete

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