Evil Sly Cooper




Sly Cooper:A Thiefs Greed





Social skills


Evil Sly Cooper was supposed to be original the Sly Cooper turned by Jojos abilitys but Guru helped Sly fight off the evilness of him.

However what Jojo,Sly and Guru didnt expect was that evil Sly somehow split from Sly Cooper becoming an unpredictable psycopath happy alot of the times,and can be easyly angry to the beyond extreme.

Evil Sly is the master of stealing everything he wants, even candy from a baby.

Evil Sly wears red and black stripes,has two sharp canes that can inject pain to the nerves,he is more aggresive than anyone on the planet, he never gives up not even if you throw a bomb at him,the only way you can kill him is if you kill Sly Cooper who is a link to him.

However he is not a mindless monster who does stop and think about what he should do when his oponents strike but is poor at being social with anyone.

The only person he hangs out with and doesnt kill is Jojo because he is someone whom he can relate to, Jojo is pretty much his own father.


The Creator of Evil Sly Cooper, Spyrocks began to not like the idea of making him saying that he is not really that good of a villian, and mostly considers Evil Sly as a thing than a charactor.

I find Michail,Zoe,Jojo and even Reboot Sly interesting but this is not really that intresting-Spyrocks

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