Evil Eels (Miss Fox-Cooper)

The Evil Eels are enemy guard encountered in the Artic level in the game Sly Cooper 5: Thieves Be Forever. They are one of the two rooftop guards that Vostok employed.


These moray eels look like their real world counterparts such as being light green and a long dorsal fin. Since they don't have limbs, they were given robotic limbs that can be stretched to incredible distances, they wear Vostok's "Gill Air 2.0. Their eyes are opened wide, they communicate with scary laughs, growls and screams (when thrown off of somewhere high).


When far, they extend their arms to reach you, when close, they punch you with a iron punch.


  • Like Vostok's other guards, they jump out of water if thrown in it no matter how far.
  • In concept art, these guards were going to be Arctic Foxes.

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