Cretaceous Madness is the penultimate episode in the game Thieves Be Forever. The boss here is Rex the Tyrannosaurus Rex.


We were not sure but we landed in our next destination, the Cretaceous Period. Bentley knew we needed to be careful here as there are dinosaurs roaming, and as soon as we saw a guard, there was no kidding. But, it doesn't matter if there are dinosaurs, I have battled a voodoo croc, a robot owl, a oversized bison, a aboriginal mask, a gunslinger, a rapper, a giant music snob and a stinky guy, so I'm pretty sure I'm prepared for dinosaurs.


When I showed Bentley the photos, he got some data crunching and found out the guys name was Rex. Once a runt and nerd, Rex was constantly bullied for his small degenerated arms, making him pretty sensitive for a T-Rex, as a adult, he was approached by a unknown person and gave him robotic arms that could stretch to incredible lengths. A new evil was born, deciding to conquer the whole Cretaceous Period with his massiveness and arms. This guy had to have some reason to be here, but what?


Rex was defeated and his mining operation too but it was already too late, as a UFO took the mineral before we could even touch it. Even though we failed, I decided that when we reached our old Safehouse, I will tell Bentley about those mysterious UFO sightings I have been seeing. Since we had no more team members to foil, it was a good time to tell him that.


  • Prehistoric Reconnaissance

Throw photos at the various things

  • Volcanic Entering

Enter the volcano to see who's behind this, retrieve the Caveman Costume

  • A Voyage Through Lava

Ride the lava river with Murray and see what that T-Rex is doing

  • Stone Age Technology

Hack the computers in the hub

Participate in a rolling competition with the Caveman Costume for a key

  • Terror-Dactyl Shoot Down

Defeat the flying Quetzalcoatlus that will endanger the operation

  • Look At My Roar!!!!

See who's best with Murray in a roaring competition

Set up the various catapults to throw rocks at the entrance and infiltrate Rex's base


  • Red Gem
  • Fossil Fuel
  • Stegosaur spike
  • Flut-Flut Skull
  • Acorn
  • Complete Mini Dino Skeleton
  • Spiky Plant
  • Cypress Tree Seed


  • The Acorn treasure is a reference to the Ice Age movie series.
  • The Flut-Flut is a ally in Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. It was classified as an extinct bird.

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