A Pleistocene Escape is the 8th episode in Thieves Be Forever. The boss here is Ivor.E the mastodon.


Bentley found information on the next place which was Pleistocene South America. The land which mastodons and giant sloths governed after the Ice Age. Since we didn't have anything, we were desperate until Murray showed us a Mastodon Tusk which was given to him by The Guru as part of his training. Murray's artifact proved to be the thing we needed, and we headed to Pleistocene South America. We arrived in Pleistocene South America to see futuristic buildings and guards at high alert patrolling the grounds, we had to be careful here, but at least there is no artistic bear to mess with.


That didn't go well, I was spotted as I was sneaking through the ceiling. Bentley found information on my spotter, his name was Ivor. E, a popular, intelligent kid in school, Ivor had no problems in school, that is until his incident. He got into a fight with a smilodon classmate, which resulted in him losing and also losing his tusks. Grief-Stricken, Ivor cut school and was instead homeschooled, when looking for a job application, Ivor was greeted by an unknown person whom offered him steel-hard tusks in place of his tusks who didn't grew back. Ivor accepted and was given the tusks in place of a request whom the unknown person was to acquire later on. This guy needs to be stopped, the past is being altered due to this guy, I couldn't imagine the kind of things that are happening in modern South America.


Ivor. E's scheme was shut down and the time continuum must be getting healed. Bentley managed to defeat his 4th fight against a villain, Bentley was trying to contain his smile, he defeated a giant mastodon easily! This was it, Bentley was all grown up, we took notice from the way he was in the van, we headed to the van and looked for information on the 9th member.


  • Photographic Scenery

Take photos of the various establishments in the area

  • Cooper Reveal!

Infiltrate the Weapons Facility

  • Tank Beatdown

Use Murray to defeat the Stone Cannon Tanks

  • Extinction

Defeat 100 guards in the hub

  • Straight to the Top

Scale the mountain for a usable device

  • Rodent Swiping

Defeat the Rabie Squirrels in the level

  • Catapult Crash

Steal a catapult and protect Murray from the guards

  • Operation: Twin Tusks

Infiltrate Ivor. E's main base of operations


  • Stone Spike
  • Mastodon Tusk
  • Golden Leaf
  • Classy Rock Formation
  • Bag of Dust
  • Unspecified Painting
  • Stone Wheel
  • Jean Bison's Staff


  • The mission name "Straight to the Top" is a reference to the mission of the same name in the game Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.
  • Catapult Crash is a reference to Sir Galleth's trademark move.

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