Greek Mythology, REWRITTEN! is the seventh episode in the game Thieves Be Forever. The boss here is Hyracles the Lernean Hydra.


It took some time but we were able to track down the last members of Team Dark Ray, this one was on Ancient Greece, the land of gods and myths. Carmelita had helped us by somehow having a Greek Vase with her and we headed to Greece. Once we arrived, we hid in a nearby forgotten temple, the guards here were animals I have never seen! Bentley said they were Greek mythology creatures and we should stay away from them, knowing the word myth, they should have weird powers. Bentley also told me about my Greek ancestor Hercooper, which we needed to save not after some recon photos as always.

Saving the Ancestor

We got Hercooper to the Safehouse and he explained the whole mess, apparently he was about to steal from the Temple of Athens to have a mysterious guy imprison him with technology. Bentley found some interesting data about the "guys". The guys name was Hyracles, having had his mother & father slain by a mighty warrior, he was orphaned and blamed everything to themselves, his heads then started sprouting personalities which were annoying to him. He was recruited by the mastermind to work for Team Dark Ray, he immediately took over Ancient Greece and replaced the gods statues with himself and even threw a party for a competition. A lunatic, this guy needs to brought down, no matter how many heads does it take.


Hyracles's temple facility crumbled and fell on him, ending his reign on Greece. Hercooper bid us farewell and we headed off to our next target, apparently, it was the Pleistocene Period, a time period where mastodons & giant sloths governed the lands. As I saw Bentley, he was happy to have beaten a foe bigger than himself. I could sense that Bentley was a mature grown-up now. Ready to take on anything on his way.


Take photos of the various things

Rescue Hercooper from the temple

Train Hercooper to get him into fighting shape

Follow Hyracles to know the location of the computer

Break the security vases in Hyracles's lightning temple

Storm Hyracles's private temple

Participate in the Chariot Race to win a guard membership

Destroy Hyracles's operation and beat him once and for all


  • Greek Vase
  • Zeus's Lightning Bolt
  • Laurel Wrath
  • Medusas Head
  • Horsetail
  • Antique Plate
  • How To Race Instruction Manual
  • Hydra Fang


  • Black Clouds & Lightning Bolts is a reference to Rajan's line when you flood his temple.
  • Day At The Races is a reference to the racing minigame in Thievius Raccoonus.
  • Raccoon Of War is a reference to the game God of War.

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