Episodes 6: Lost in Time is the sixth episode in the game Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns. The bosses here are Boris Constrictor the IV the Boa Constrictor and Blade O'Cutthroat the Pumpkin Man.



Sly: There we were, lost in time due to those two snakes doing. We had no idea where we were, but by the looks of it, it's very tropical. Once we walked a bit we were surrounded by native guards. These two villains captured us! And sent us to be sacrificed to the gods! But I never noticed Carmelita and where is she? Did she land somewhere else? Was she already sacrificed? All I had were more questions, now I'm worried. If those two touch my Carmelita, they will never see the light of day!


Carmelita: Oy, at least I saved the gang! Well, it's my thanks for them saving me from Toothpick. I was happy to see Sly ok, he must've been worried about me. Anyway, Bentley found information about our captors while Cortéz Juan was settling down, the snake's name was Boris Constrictor the IV, Boris grew into a family of filthy rich royal snakes and he was next in line for the throne. Boris was more of a troublemaker, breaking family vases, smashing windows, making trouble with magic potions, Boris still was considered as the next king. A few years passed and Boris became the corrupted king of Snakingham, ordering people to do simple things, pulling pranks on others and making fun of other kings. Until one family dinner with another king, Boris crossed the line, poisoning the other king by injecting his fangs on the dinner, luckily, the king was able to recover and Boris was incarcerated for life, but soon, escaped! Once he escaped, he met a weapons smuggler, then his luck changed when his tail was changed into a sort of device that can produce knives, axes, minigun or other sharp things. He met an aardvark knight called Aaron Dark whom he became partners in crime. Sir Aaron Dark on the other hand. Not much was known about his childhood only about his uncle, Dr. Alvin Aardvark, being killed in a genetic experiment and his career as a knight, being known as the Black Knight, Aaron was the champion of the jousting tournaments, using his trusty steed in every competition, Aaron was a star in the arena. Until one day, he accidentally killed a knight and was stripped of his title, thrown in jail and banned from all tournaments. Having been in jail for years, he developed a sinister personality from what was once a noble knight. Eventually escaping, he became a criminal, paired with Boris Constrictor the IV as his thieving partner. Well, if a king and knight want to play cops and robbers, then they are gonna get it!


Carmelita: Haha! Those two never saw it coming! Boris and Aaron were defeated but their documents were already mailed to "Bio-Ray Isle"? Where's that? Anyway, the same blimp appeared and projected those two disgusting snakes! They left us here but what they didn't know what that we already had Murray's van completely repaired! And they say they are smart! Haha, so we bid farewell to Cortéz Juan Cooper and we were headed to Bio-Ray Isle, an artificial island near Hawaii. Ready to tackle anything that comes in our way! And if that snake gets in our way, I will blast him with all this pistol's power!


  • Cop Investigating

Take recon photos of the various establishments to know the location of the gang

  • Sacrificial Ties

Save the gang and Sly's Mayan Ancestor

  • Piggy Rodeo

Capture all the pigs in the hub

  • Mimic Mittens

Head inside a temple to save a friend of Cortés

  • RC Bombard

Bomb the various security robots that Boris sent to patrol around

  • Scub-Scub Diver

Dive down a forbidden lake to find a cave where another one of Cortéz's friends

  • Chichen Chillin'

Go inside the Chichen Itza and save another one of Cortéz's friends

Go inside the main temple and storm it and defeat Boris and Fantomã


  • Feathered Stone Head
  • Blade's Toy Blade
  • Boris and Blade Mayan Painting
  • Precursor Orb
  • Boris' Old Crown
  • Temporal Flux Capacitor
  • Ritual Plans
  • Octavio's Opera Notes

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