Episode 5: Stony Kilt Troubles is the fifth episode in the game Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns. The bosses here are Ozzie Devlin the Tasmanian Devil and Terry Trumpety the Terror Bird.



Sly: We arrived in Iron Age Scotland to see the place filled with guards. The town was alone like time has stopped, and I thought the Iron Age was gonna be loud with clanking noises. The villain here must've had some time capturing Slaigh Mcooper, giving his strength and power, he might not be captured but still, I'm worried this might be true.


Sly: Poor Slaigh, for such a tough guy, he sure is quite perky, hiding under the bridge near the Loch Ness Lake. Once he stopped being happy and settled down, he told us what happened, two guys came for some weapons but he was already closing for the day, but these two were kind of in a hurry and beat up Slaigh and took all of his weapons. Bentley found information on Slaigh's attackers, the Tasmanian Devil was called Ozzie Devlin, Ozzie was always without friends in his childhood, even his parents didn't like him that much. Due to his sudden burst of Anger Management issues, he always ended up insulting or horribly damaging them at the blink of an eye. As a grown-up, he became an art smuggler from Australia, having been affiliated with Grizz and Dimitri, he sold them valuable pieces of art for Dimitri to forge and Grizz to put as his own. He has also gotten over his Anger Management and now has less outbursts. Eventually meeting a Terror Bird called Terry Trumpety, Having been a major dictator of the northern Ice Age, Terry was as cruel as one could be, being a Terror Bird, Terry was the least dumb in the clan and was actually smarter than most extinct animals. Due to the melting and oceans forming, Terry died of extinction until a scientist found his complete bone formation. Using his mind, he could revive Terry by using his DNA, once he was revived, Terry was back! Destroying the lab as he goes and even commanding a large fleet of Russians, being rivals with El Jefe, Terry is clearly the best dictator there is. Having met Ozzie Devlin in a trip to Australia, the two became "buddies" in dictation and in Ozzie's case, stealing, although Terry is always proving he's the superior one. So we got an Australian anger management guy and an extinct bird, this might be a little hard.


Sly: I never saw it coming! Me against Ozzie, Terry and Nessie! But I still beat them! Both were foiled but the same blimp from WW1 Germany appeared in front of us. The two snakes this time they didn't left us with a warning but their guards took Slaigh's cane and the weapons manufactured by Ozzie. Slaigh was heart-broken but we promised him we'd get his cane back no matter what. As we entered the gang and headed in time to our hideout to plan our next move, the van was tumbling in the tunnel, and the parts were all broken off, the time machine, the wheels, everything! As I hold on to this catastrophic thing, we ended up somewhere in time, but I still don't know where and when we were.


Take photos of the various establishments in the area and the two villains

  • Wee Laddie!

Find Slaigh MaCooper and let him retrieve a Blacksmith Costume

  • Rise of the Extinction

Destroy one of the tanks in the area

  • Hacking Master

Hack the terminal in Ozzie's fort to destroy the fort's defenses

  • Nessie...

Defeat the Loch Ness Monster and place a tracker on her

  • Terry's Big Break

Follow Terry with Carmelita and find what he's up to

  • Purple Lizard Strikes!

Distract the guards in the restaurant to gain popularity

  • Operation: Battle of the Ages

Defeat Ozzie, Terry and the Loch Ness Monster


  • Iron Hammer
  • Slaigh's First Sword
  • Terry's DNA Samples
  • Master's Kilt
  • Stone Formation
  • Auk Egg Nest
  • Van's Spare Wheel
  • Jean Bison's Cane

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