Haunted Zomcoon is the fifth level in the game Thieves Be Forever. The boss here is Drak the Vampire Bat.


Bentley tracked down the location of the fifth member and we headed to Transylvania, a place filled with gothic structures and creepy statues. I felt like I was back in the Contessa's Prison or her Estate, however, we needed to beat this person here, he apparently, needs to find some Spirit Ectoplasm. Well, more paranormal things for us. I could have sworn to see a familiar face nearby.


It took some detective work, but I found out about the villain here, Bentley searched his Interpol file, his name was Drak. A child that grew up in a gothic family that their only passion, was seeing horror movies. On his graduation day from school, he moved to a haunted mansion and studied voodoo and paranormal things, doing his crimes using voodoo. He was recruited by Dark Ray into his team to search for Spirit Ectoplasm in Transylvania. I knew there was a familiar face around here, those rat guards were my enemies from back in Haiti. Well, new enemies, same tactics.


Drak and his mirage villains have been defeated and Transylvania was back to its original state. I really didn't expect this guy to be a powerful mystic, but nonetheless, he was defeated. We decided to have a blast in Transylvania's picnic area, but I was uneasy, seeing another one of those UFOs, we headed back to our old Safehouse in Paris to plan our next move.


  • Creepy Photoshoot

Take recon photos of the various things

  • Haunted Investigating

Make your way to the basement of the mansion

  • GhostBusters

Go to the graveyard and defeat 50 ghosts.

  • The Deadly Swamp path

Follow Drak to the swamps

  • Crawling Catacombs

Go inside the catacombs and defeat the enemy guards

  • The Possessed Computer

Hack a possessed computer and follow it to keep trying and hack it.

  • Ecto-Bombs

Go to the swamps and recover Spirit Ectoplasm to create bombs

Blow the gates of the mansion and head inside to defeat Drak


  • Mz. Ruby's headband
  • Wolf Statue
  • Forgotten Tombstone
  • Will-O-Wisp in a Jar
  • Vicious Vulture Feathers
  • Gooey Brain
  • Bed Sheet
  • Contessa's Tank Schedule


  • The mission name Ghostbusters is a play on the game GhostBusters.
  • The Wolf Statue is a reference on the wolf statues in the Contessa levels.
  • The Vicious Vulture Feathers are a reference to the Contessa's flashlight guards.

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