Episode 4: Ice Ace War is the 4th episode in the game Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns. The bosses here are Baron "Romeo" Van Brrr the Snowman and Juliet Rosemarie the Rose.



Sly: We arrived in WW1 Germany to see the area filled with snow and planes battling each other, it appears we walked into a war, as I expected. We still don't know where Otto Van Cooper is located, I just hope he was not shot down. Anyway, this snow is pretty cold, which is weird for this place, the villain here must love snow. But I reconsider.


Sly: After we saved Otto, we returned quickly to the Safehouse where Otto gave us the lowdown. According to him, he was competing in the ACES Competition and his plane was destroyed by a snowman and a rose flower. Bentley found lots of interesting information on these two, the snowman's name was Baron "Romeo" Van Brrr, Having been created by a powerful dogfighting warlock, Brrr was charmed to never melt even under extreme conditions. Despite this, he is still very cautious around sunny weather and hot climates. The Dogfighting Warlock sent all his Ace DNA onto the immobile snowman and it took it's same personality and life. Becoming a legendary pilot, Brrr used his icy tactics for dogfighting, freezing plane engines, encasing plane keys in never melting ice, or freezing plane wings while in the air for sure loss. While the flower's name was Juliet Rosemarie, Originally just a regular rose, Juliet Rosemarie was the product of a genetics experiment gone at least somewhat wrong. The experiment was done by Dr. Alvin Aardvark, an expert geneticist and botanist, as a way to prove that plants can evolve into sentient forms of life. While the experiment was largely successful, there was one tiny flaw: the personality of the experiment in question. The result of the experiment, named Juliet Rosemarie, was extremely sensitive about her thorny stem and killed her creator for calling her a failure. Ever since then, she has been on the run from both law enforcement and various science institutes, awaiting the day that she could one day rise up and prove her superiority over animals. These two will be taken down, no matter the cause. I'm sure of it, if they go near Otto, they'll soon taste my cane.


Murray: I got one! I really got one! "The Murray" has one! And that's how I got myself a girlfriend! I have to break the news to the van, sniff, but I clobbered that snowman's face! But all of a sudden, this hologram is projected, and two reptiles appear! They were threatening us! I have a feeling those two are behind this but they still stole Otto's cane! We vowed to get it back by destruction! While our last place was already determined, Iron Age Scotland, fortunately I had an old Iron Hammer that belonged to this time period! And it turns out it's perfect! Now we were headed to Iron Age Scotland for Slaigh Mcooper, Sly's Scottish ancestor!


Take photos of the various establishments

Rescue Otto Van from the clutches of Brrr

Destroy the fort's defenses with Murray

  • ACES Line-Up

Participate in the ACES competition with Otto and reach the semifinals

  • Buzzy Buzzkills

Enter the beehive and locate the honey

  • Brrring Reveal

Enter Brrr's fort and eavesdrop on Brrr's conversation with someone

  • ACES Semifinals

Participate in the ACES Semifinals and be the last ones standing

Repair Otto's plane and head to the Finals and defeat Brrr along with Juliet


  • Frozen Engine
  • Silver Propeller
  • Tulip Flower Basket
  • Aurochs Horn
  • Top Hat
  • Queen Bea's Necklace
  • Juliet and Brrr picture
  • Black Baron's Blueprints

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