Amazon Terror! is the fourth level in the game Thieves Be Forever. The boss here is Jaggar the Melanistic Jaguar.


New York was nice at least until I saved it, we found information about the next member and he was all the way in the Amazon Jungle in South America. We grabbed some disguises and we went there to see the jungle with fallen trees and military guards patrolling 24-7! It was like I was in a non-snowy Lumber Camp. We found a Safehouse inside a tree and planned our missions against this dictator, I had a feeling he was some kind of dictator.


I couldn't believe it! This jaguar is destroying the jungle just for some bug! After Bentley calmed me down, he found information about the feline, his name was Jaggar, as a young cub, he was told stories by his grandfather who was in WWII and was enrolled in military school to study more about the subjects, eventually getting high honor and the best in the class, he was sent to the military where he grew up to be a skilled soldier. He at sometime, gained a thirst for power and overthrew his general but this attempt failed and he was expelled from the group. Having lost his pride, he started his own group of soldiers and worked alongside his brother El Jefe, to conquer countries, usually to the highest bidder. We only know this cat is going to search for a rare spider here but for what? We needed more clues.


Jaggar alongside his soldiers were defeated and the Environmental Resource caught a glimpse of this and charged Jaggar for doing this, sending him to prison with his brother. Despite our hard work, Jaggar was able to send the spider somewhere to his leader, who is this leader? What are those strange UFOs that I keep seeing? Maybe I should take a break before going back.


  • Feline Photoshoot

Take photos of the various things and Jaggar.

  • RC Orders

Follow the jaguar with your RC car to know more about him.

  • Timber!!!

Go inside the Tree Facility to help the trees.

  • Full Frontal Assault

Create a big-house brawl inside the local bar

  • Cooper the Exterminator

Take down a nest of spiders to ensure Jaggar doesn't find the particular spider

  • Raccoon Ops

Participate in Jaggar's shooting minigames

  • Sgt. Hack

Hack the computers inside the tree facility

  • Operation: Tree Freaks

Infiltrate Jaggar's base and defeat him once and for all


  • Lucky Cat Statue
  • Military Comics
  • Golden Mayan Script
  • Macaw Feather
  • Box of Grenades
  • Micro Gun
  • Golden Bullet
  • Rajan's Shoes


  • The name "Full Frontal Assault" is the name of the game Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault.
  • Raccoon Ops may be a play on the popular shooting game Black Ops.
  • It is ironic that the mission name Timber!!! is called that way despite being a mission that saves trees not cutting them.

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