The Big Apple is the third episode in the game Thieves Be Forever. The boss here is John the Pigeon.


Now that place was cold! We found out about the next Dark Ray member being in New York, so we headed there fast. I couldn't believe it! New York is a place I always wanted to go! But imagining sometimes leads to failure, the city was overrun with gangsters, billboards showing other things and what looked like a ghost town. I felt like I was back with Muggshot in Mesa City, but at least this place isn't hot, then again that Arctic environment was pretty cold in my opinion, I am just happy to be out of there.


A true detective work if I do say so myself, we found out about this mafia boss, his name was John, as a little chick, he was strayed by his family which forgot about him and left him in the nest only to have him fall off, he was caught by the local mafia boss whom he raised as his own. Some years later, John grew up to be feisty and even talking with a gangster accent, since his caretaker was too old and left the building, he took his position and declared total domination on New York. Stealing from shops, people in the street and even from higher class, earning the name "Sneaky Avian". He was hired by an unknown source which offered him money if he succeeded, apparently, there was some kind of gem underground of New York and the source needed it so he sent John. He chased all citizens of the giant city and created his own image in the Empire State Building and plastering his logo on the Main Street Billboards. I kinda feel sorry for this guy, I mean, having been orphaned by his parents at a young age which happened to me, either way, we need to take this bird down, or else New York will become a rotten apple.


Poor guy, he only wanted domination but still we beat him, and New York was safe at last and all the citizens started returning. We "borrowed" some hot dogs from the hot dog car and ate them full, Murray wasn't satisfied, so we needed to steal the hot dog car completely, hardest heist of my life! I was happy to see the guys and Carmelita happy but somewhere, there is a villain who is plotting to destroy the world, and with those UFOs I think I'm seeing, he should be shipping the products around with them. Nonetheless, we headed to our old hideout in Paris to plan our next move.


  • Tourist Attractions

Take photos of the various establishments in the place

  • Evening Stroll

Follow the pigeon into Central Park

  • Bridge Upwards

Pickpocket keys for the bridge controls

  • Boat Voyage

Ride the boat to Liberty Island

  • Night At The Museum

Enter the Museum to hack the subway computers

"Entertain" the guards in a epic broadway performance

  • Subway Mayhem

Ride the Subway to destroy the security for the Billboards

  • Operation: Power Surge

Defeat John once and for all


  • Statue of Liberty keychain
  • Golden Hot Dog
  • Artist Autograph
  • Cool Sunglasses
  • Central Park Zoo Souvenir
  • Squirrel Nut
  • Dinosaur Bone
  • Dimitri's Cigar


  • Night At The Museum is a reference to the actual movie of the same name.

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