Episode 3: At Cursed's End is the 3rd level in the game Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns. The bosses here are Don Giovanni Lorenzo the Bottlenose Dolphin and Raiden Ryuu the Dilophosaurus.



Sly: Well, we arrived in Pirate Age Caribbean to find my female pirate ancestor Henriette "One Eye" Cooper. Once we headed out, we noticed the zombie guards patrolling the rooftops! It would seem the villain here must've had some free time to create these undead creatures. But, I wonder if Henriette's a zombie or if she's okay. We need to save her and fast too, I don't want her to become a zombie or worse.


Sly: As soon as Henriette calmed down which whas quite fast, she explained to us what happened. Apparently, two evil-doers started arresting every villager in town! Bentley found some interesting data about these two, the dolphin's name was Don Giovanni Lorenzo. Said to have been a mob boss working with a certain opera-singing lion, Giovanni has always wanted to destroy Italy because of the humiliation he passed there. Unfortunately, he was out to get some notes and was publicly humiliated by a gang of pirate deviants, they poured hot coffee into his blowhole in front of his girlfriend which made his girlfriend leave him for the pirates and since she had all the money, he was left without a house, things or money in the streets of Italy. Coming to have a deep hatred for pirates and pirate-related stuff, he soon met Simon the mole and both quickly became good friends in thievery. While the mole's name was Simon Ataturk, once a prodigy student and college honor student, Simon was one of the most intelligent students and richest too. Even creating a car. One day, he accidentally crashed with a gas fuel truck that exploded, giving Simon brain damage. Turning into a madman, he became a headstrong thief who uses explosive tactics for thievery. Why are these two here is unknown but I'll make it sure both will suffer for what they did to this poor town.


Sly: Hahaha, those two were badly partnered up! Giovanni and Raiden were defeated and the specter energy was still sent by a blimp. This blimp is getting on my nerves, who does it belong to? What is it's purpose? Anyway, we bid farewell to Henriette but we were unsure on where to go. Until Dimitri brought up a Plane Propeller that the Black Baron gave him back as a "fly-boy". Our next destination was WW1 Germany for my ancestor, Otto Van Cooper.


Take recon photos of the various establishments

Save Henriette from being electrocuted by Raiden

Recover Henriette's hook cane

Enter the bar and eavesdrop on Giovanni and Raiden

Dive down as Dimitri to the sea to find Henriette's sunken treasure

Follow Giovanni's ship to the Zombie Producing Island

Head to the Zombie Producing Island and shut it down

Free the prisoners, defeat Giovanni and defeat Raiden


  • Henriette's Gold
  • Rusty Anchor
  • How to be a Pirate Book
  • Japanese Dagger
  • Expert Steering Wheel
  • Italian Letter
  • Raiden's Memos
  • LeFwee's Pirate Hat

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