Episode 2: Big Top at 900 is the 2nd episode in the game Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns. The bosses here are Riddle Ruddle the Spotted Hyena and Turbo Ace the Greater Roadrunner.



Sly: As soon as we arrived in Victorian London, we saw guards patrolling, rainy and foggy weather not to mentioned the BIG TOP and CIRCUS TENTS! I thought the Victorian era was supposed to be sophisticated not funny or hilarious. Anyway, if the villain here is a deranged clown gone psycho, then we can take care of him. The only good part of here is that Big Ben can tell me the time, good but we still don't know where Thaddeus is located, but rest assured, we'll find him, no matter what.


Sly: Well, Thaddeus is safe and ok. To be honest, I have never seen an ancestor so scared, and Thaddeus is the more gentlemanly one I know of. Once he calmed down, he told us what happened, apparently that hyena and roadrunner took over Scotland Yard and fired many of the people working there, even Thaddeus! Bentley found some interesting information of the two clowns, the hyena's name was Riddle Ruddle. Once just a circus performer, Riddle made each performance unique, caring only about the laughter of the audience. Seeing a dogfighting competition one day, Riddle chose to make one himself, seeing as everyone was laughing about it. When the Ringmaster caught on to what Riddle was doing, he was dismissed from the circus and arrested however, after his partner in crime, Turbo Ace, freed him from jail, the two became major targets of Interpol. While Turbo, was one of the world's fastest runners ever since he was a young boy. Longing to join the Olympics, Turbo Ace practiced long and hard to achieve his goal. People made fun of his goofy appearance, however, and he joined a circus instead. Furious that the world wasn't taking him seriously and after joining up with one of the circus clowns, Riddle Ruddle, he turned to a life of crime. I don't even know how these two got here! But this performance, isn't gonna be pretty.


Dimitri: Oh man! My first defeat! Those two cracker-boxes never the Purple Lizard coming! And I didn't knew I was that funny! Hehehe, well, Cooper's ancestor bid us farewell for saving his butt and freeing the yard from the two dudes. But I didn't know where we were headed this time, but then that turtle Bentley showed us the goods. A Skull-Shaped Rock that could take us to Pirate Age Caribbean! Finally! I can use my greasy sweet diving gear! As we headed there, the gang were all cool with me, I'm glad to have peeps like these dudes!


Take recon photos of the various structures here

Go inside Big Ben to look for Thaddeus

Go to the carnival and play all the games to win a circus ticket

Thin out the guards by "playing" in the Casino.

Perform in the circus with Dimitri to gain Riddle and Turbo's trust

Race Turbo and Riddle in a "fun" carnival game

Enter the Big Top and perform with Sly and Dimitri and defeat Riddle and Turbo


  • Diamond-Encrusted Walking Cane
  • Queen's Tea Cup
  • Thaddeus' Lucky Hair Comb
  • Whoopie Cushion
  • Party Popper
  • Golden Chattering Teeth
  • Silver Scepter
  • Penelope's Blueprints

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