A Cold, Cold War is the second episode in the game Thieves Be Forever. The boss here is Vostok the killer whale.


Oh man, Mexico was a blast! Arriba! Enough of that, we headed off to our next location, the Arctic, a cold place situated in the north. It was very cold in here, not Canada cold but super cold, it was like I was stuck inside Clockwerk's heart. As if I wasn't weirded out, the guards here were fishes, FISHES, maybe the cold is getting to my head? Or the villain here is a nutjob or a intelligent fish. No matter what, we will take down these fishes, I'll even make it fast for their three-second attention span.


This cold, I just can stand it! Bentley seems to take it well, he found information about the guy I just saw, the orca's name was Vostok. A Russian killer whale that always dreamed about going to land, he worked on a project called "Gill Air" that enables them to live on land, unfortunately, the device glitched out and exploded in his face, humiliating him. Mad, he started working on a newer model called "Gill Air 2.0". This one didn't have glitches and worked flawlessly, he went to land for a big success, he then remembered all the cruel things he could do and became a number #1 threat on Carmelita's list. He was hired to look for something in the Arctic, but I couldn't know what it was. Anyway, this cetacean is going down, hard enough to leave him floundering on the floor.


Murray did it, he defeated Vostok and shut down his mining operation, unfortunately, he wasn't able to retrieve the item. We spent our time here by going on a helicopter ride throughout the Arctic, we all enjoyed it but I saw another UFO, this cold is getting to me or UFOs really exist like in Mexico. Nonetheless, we headed to our old Safehouse in Paris to drink hot chocolate and planned our next move.


Take photos of the various establishments

Find the disturbance in Bentley's monitor

Shut down the Jetpack facility

Fish for many Arctic Cods for something and combat the enemy ships

Reach Vostok's cave to place a satellite for hearing his conversations.

Defeat the many flying guards heading to the Safehouse

Find the legendary "Moby Dick" and defeat it

Enter Vostok's hideout and defeat him once and for all


  • Penguin Beak
  • Gill Air 1.0
  • Saberteeth
  • Mammoth Tusk
  • Terror Talon
  • Purple Paw Printed Rock
  • Frozen Beetle
  • Grizz's Crown


  • Moby Dick is a reference to the legendary white whale of the same name.
  • Like in Clan of the Cave Raccoon, this episode has a back-and-forth humor that Sly & Bentley do, this time it involves fish puns.
  • In Christmas, if you play this episode in any time while in December, a silhouette of a sleigh with reindeers is shown in the sky flying around.

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