Highway to Metaloud is the first episode of the DLC pack "Honor Among Thieves". The setting for the episode is Metaloud Rock Town


There we were, the gang and I playing videogames all night like old times! But Bentley got a disturbance through his personal computer. Looks like we had to drop the old games and we headed to the location. Once we arrived, the place was all purple! Also, numerous guards patrolled town all day! To make matters worse, loud rock music was playing through the stations! As if guards didn't get more annoying!


It took some photographic evidence but Bentley was able to decipher who this lizard was. His name was Adder, once grew into a village of people who liked opera and classical music, Adder was the odd one out, liking rock-and-roll instead of the music the town heard. As a grown-up, Adder now known as "Death Adder", became an international rock star, by international I mean I too have heard his music. Unfortunately, his family rejected him for not loving the arts of classic music, this made him mad, eventually spewing poison at one of his concerts. The people were all saved but Adder was targeted by the law. He escaped to a town called "Metaloud Rock Town" where people only heard rock music. He became the most famous rock star and was elected for mayor, he won but got mad with power, making him paint the town purple with his own logo! Star or no star, this guy needs to be brought down. Doesn't matter if he is my favorite rock star.


"Death Adder" was defeated and Metaloud was freed from his terror. We decided to stay for a rock concert here, the effects were cool and I'm glad the gang had fun, but I think there more things out there other than Adder, and we just have to beat them. We returned to our Safehouse in Paris to plan our next move.


  • Rocking Snooping

Enter a nearby establishment for more information

  • Photogenic Lizard

Take recon photos of the lizard around town

  • Backstage Passes

Enter backstage of the concert

  • Purple Mishap

Splatter Sly's logo around town to increase guard numbers

  • Hack-and-Roll

Hack a computer backstage in concert with Bentley

  • Le Paradox All Over Again!

Suspect the mysterious gas from the establishment

  • Guarding a Guard

Protect Murray (he is in a guard suit) from the various guards to enter the concert and earn a "job"

  • Operation: Metal Destruction

Destroy the purple painting establishment and crash Adder's concert


  • Golden Discount Pass
  • Adder's First Guitar
  • Robotic Singing Toy
  • Masquerade Mask (bird)
  • Masquerade Mask (fire)
  • Masquerade Mask (white)
  • Masquerade Mask (Lion Mask)
  • Rat Henchmen Gas Mask


  • The episode name is a reference to a popular rock song called Highway to Hell.
  • The masquerade masks are a reference to the masks that Octavio and his guards wore back then.
  • The Robotic Singing Toy bears a resemblance to Courtney Gears
  • Rat Henchmen Gas Mask is a reference to the masks Le Paradox's guards wore.

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