Episode 1: Happily Ever After is the first episode in the game Sly Cooper: The Thief Returns. The bosses in this episode are Winston Puff and Hood Wool.



Sly: There I was, being sucked into a wormhole due to a deranged skunk maniac! The name's Sly, Sly Cooper! And as you can see, I'm a thief, from a long line of master thieves. Pretty large bunch if you ask me. Anyway, in my last adventure, I was targeted by this evil skunk called Cyrille Le Paradox. Wanting to steal my ancestor's canes by time-traveling, he succeeded at this but as always, I was there! Cyrille never knew what hit him! But I didn't do that adventure alone, I am part of a gang. First off, Bentley, he's the brains of the operation, and the one who makes all of our plans. Next is Murray, the brawn, always there when things get worse. Third is Carmelita Fox! My girlfriend, and my pursuer back then, she and I really hit it off this time! And finally, there's Dimitri! Our, uh, Dimitri? He's the frogman of our team but is also another field man. It would seem we had the best gang there was but destroying Cyrille's blimp came at a cost, it sent me to a sandy place, I was a bit scared seeing I might never see my friends or even civilization! I walked through the sandy dunes but I at least saw civilization. But if I was sent in time, then what's this fairytale junk here? This could be a problem.


Sly: As I walked inside the prison, I saw my ancestor! Slytunkhamen Cooper! He's a legend among Coopers! But I couldn't do anything but talk with him, once I exited the prison, a flash of light appeared! And the van arrived! I saw my friends, all were there! (Camera pans through the gang as Sly mentions them) Bentley, Murray, Carmelita and Dimitri! I was hugged to death by them, I was glad to see Carmelita ok and the rest of my gang ok too. I mentioned the photos I took and Bentley analyzed them, the wolves name was Winston Puff, once a loner from the forest, Winston was only happy seeing people strolling through the forest, due to his intimidating appearance and personality, people normally ran away from him. He once met a wolf gang that intended on bullying the local sheep ranch, he tried bullying one particular sheep but was bullied himself! This sheep's name was Hood Wool, being bored with all the ranch's boring routine, he became a gifted fighter, seeing Hood as a reliable backup, Winston cut a deal with Hood and became thieving partners, using Hood's intelligence and Winston's abilities, both were hard to take down. But, how did they capture Slytunkhamen? I mean he can turn invisible! And what's their plan here? We were only left with more questions.


Bentley: Well, I defeated these two, Winston and Hood's operation was busted but we couldn't retrieve Slytunkhamen's cane! What was eerily similar was that blimp that took Slytunkhamen's cane! I could have swarmed Le Paradox's blimp looked like that! Whoever is behind this must not like having his paws dirty. It would have seem we lost but one of Sly's gifts to Carmelita was an old pocket watch from Victorian Age London. Our next target was Sly's more Gentleman ancestor, Thaddeus Winslow Cooper III from Victorian London. Able to perform perfect disguises to fool anyone but I'm surprised if they captured him, he must be a tough bloke to crack.


Enter the prison to interrogate Slytunkhamen

Take recon photos of the hub and save Slytunkhamen

Follow Winston and Hood to know the location of Slytunkhamen's cane and defend Slytunkhamen

Enter the frog's mouth for Slytunkhamen's cane

Enter the rabbit hole to hack the security

Place a glass slipper device in Winston's office

Enter the booby-trapped Sphinx to shut down the deadly animatronics

Enter the main pyramid and shut down the animatronic creating facility and defeat the villains.


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