Ay! Raccoona! is the first episode in the game Thieves Be Forever. The boss here is Juan the Chameleon.


I already finished my training so it was time to head out to our first destination, Mexico, the city of "fiestas", tacos and burritos. Once we arrived, the place was packed with guards and there was a fiesta thrown for the leader of the place, boy, not another ego-maniac. It was hard enough for Toothpick but for this guy in Mexico, I think we could handle it. Mexico might be all fun and upbeat but this time, it will become a land of battles.


It took some detective work, but we were able to look for information on the party-maniac, his name was Juan. As a small child, he sat in his balcony overlooking the various "fiestas" that were celebrated everyday but he was unable to participate in one due to age requirements. Once he was big enough, he went into one but was cruelly declined due to his height, making the people think he was still a child. Due to short-temper, he bursted unexpectedly and did a rampage, destroying the fiesta. He was banned from fiestas for eternity and this really ticked him off, he went into hiding for embarrassment but he was recruited by an unknown person into a evil team. He took over Mexico, and hired numerous guards to survey the area, he also threw himself a fiesta, its Toothpick all over again! I kinda feel a little sorry for the guy, he only wanted to go to a fiesta but couldn't due to height requirements, sorry or not, this guy is a villain and needs to be defeated.


A hasty battle against this egotistical reptile, Juan was defeated and the fiesta was canceled and also as a bonus, we saved Mexico. Since we had some free time, we entered in a taco eating competition which Murray won! Unfortunately, Murray also needed to go to the bathroom after that, worst smell I have ever smelled. As we exited Mexico, I saw a UFO flying to space, was this real? Or fake? Anyway, we headed to our old Safehouse in Paris to plan our next move.


  • Group Fotos

Take recon photos of the various things

  • Cooper Bandolero

Enter one of the chameleon's establishments, retrieve the Samba Costume

  • Fiesta Crashers

Steal 3 items from the fiesta

  • Reptilian Nature

Follow Juan into his caves

  • Salsa! Arriba!

Distract the fiesta guards with a salsa dance with Carmelita

  • Cueva Of Mystery

Enter Juan's cave

  • Operation: Camouflage Seer

Create a commotion with Murray in the fiesta to drive Juan out and enter his main building.


  • Mexican Hat
  • Bowl of Candy
  • How to Salsa instruction book
  • Rotten Taco
  • Juan's Painting
  • Sack of Money
  • Snake Painting
  • Dimitri's Ring


  • This episode has the least amount of missions of TBF, it only has 7 while the others have 8.

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