It Ends Here! Is the final episode in the game Thieves Be Forever. The boss here is L.A.R the main antagonist.


Remembering all these adventures, I decided to tell Bentley about those UFO sightings. At first he didn't believe me but after I was persistent, he looked for information and found that the leader may be situated not in Earth. Bentley installed rocket wings on to the van then we went to space, ready to take on anything that may come. Murray while looking at the window, saw The Moon with a mysterious city situated there. We landed near the city to see that alien guards were patrolling the streets watchfully. We were ready to take on anything here and anyone that may endanger our mission.

Middle cutscene

After some snooping and recon photos, we were able to know the identity of the mastermind of this team, his name was L.A.R. Having grown steadily in Europe, Larry was a big fan of movies, having become very interested in the role of villain but also criticized them for always failing. As he grew up, he started doing heists worldwide and also, masterminded as leader of heists, having known Toothpick too. As a adult, he became the most feared criminal worldwide, known for his intelligence and ability to think ahead, he created his own team to take revenge on the Coopers and created a huge Death Ray in the Moon to blow up the world and create his own one, we knew this guy was a psycho, and had to be careful, but this guy messed with the wrong family of thieves. This isn't going to be a cute reunion.


There I was, almost blown up by this maniacs ray. Its a good thing I escaped easily, L.A.R's Death Ray explosion sent him to the depths of space, never to be seen again. The gang and I did it, we defeated the source of our problems finally for good. We decided to have a party in the Safehouse and invited all our friends for this accomplishment. All night dancing and eating, Murray even pulled a record for most sandwiches eaten! But still, I was left with the most beautiful girl in the world, Miss Carmelita Fox.


  • Intergalactic Recon

Take photos of the various structures

  • Storming the Base

Enter L.A.R's base and see who he is

  • Hot or Cold

Look for the icy computer in L.A.R's freezing container

  • Spaceship Showdown

Destroy the additional a spaceships and UFOs

  • Spacedog Rodeo

Return all the security spacedogs into their respective cells

  • Icky Stinky Bentley

Navigate through the radioactive space dump to follow L.A.R

  • Down & Dirty

Go back to the radioactive space dump to destroy along with Bentley the computer

  • Operation: Nebula Misfire

Destroy the airships and make one fall into L.A.R's base and storm it completely.


  • Golden Moon Rock
  • Neil's handkerchief
  • Rocket Fuel
  • Team Dark Ray group photo
  • Classy Rover
  • L.A.R's Homemade Space Juice
  • Cooling Fridge
  • Clockwerk's Talons (Safe)


  • This episode along with Anatomy for Disaster, are the only final episodes whom have a hub.

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