A Clockwerk Owl

The Epilogue is what plays during the credits in Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves. It tells of what happened to the bosses and ancestors after the events of the game. Here Bentley (and eventually Penelope) narrates as the credits roll by.

  • Bentley: "Using a Mummy Costume, Slytunkhamen Cooper was able to find an island in the pacific. I guess a temporal anomaly sent a sarcophagus there. But it wasn't until his son visited the island that its inner chambers became known as the Cooper Vault, becoming his base of operations for a time."
  • Bentley: "Qwerty went out of the thieving business and became a carpenter in his home country of Austria. Apparently, his mathematical skills were very useful in making a name for himself there, precisely measuring each and every project and piece of wood before getting to work. He must be quite a workaholic."
  • Bentley: "Slaigh MacCooper put his thieving skills to use when the English and Scottish went to war. Apparently, Slaigh was the reason why Scotland really won its freedom. And according to one legend, he used the Loch Ness Monster to do it. That Slaigh. He always got himself into trouble."
  • Bentley: "Le Dude managed to get parole after awhile. He even managed to get his life back in order, and he wrote an autobiography "The Radical and Gnarly Life of Le Dude" to celebrate. He even opened up a charity fund to support burn victims."
  • Bentley: "Henriette "One-Eye" Cooper managed to put down a mutiny led by Red Rum Roger and sent him packing. Ever since then, she sailed the Seven Seas on her own, and even visited a certain Japanese relative on her trip to Asia. However, she was always curious and haunted by a mysterious picture of her and an unfamiliar sailor. She kept the picture with her for the rest of her days."
  • Bentley: "After the failed mutiny, Red Rum Roger was sent to the gallows. Not much is known about what happened to the traitor, but rumor has it that he was hung. I guess being a pirate isn't for everyone, now is it?"
  • Bentley: "Thaddeus Winsow Cooper III became known as the most gentlemanly thief in England after he saved the Queen of England from an assassination attempt. He was going to be knighted, but he chose to turn it down. He had just stolen a corrupt politician's goblet instead. After that, he traveled throughout Europe and settled in Holland."
  • Bentley: "Due to Ven St. Claire's passing, his son Ben was sent to live with his aunt, Gwen. The two of them found the St. Claire Memorial Foundation, though the public was told it was in honor of Ben's mother. Ven's criminal record would've ruined the foundation's image. Personally, though, I get the feeling that Ben's parents would've been proud of him for making this foundation anyway."
  • Bentley: "Otto van Cooper eventually fought in WW2 for the Allied Forces and became a local hero in several Dutch communities. Although he may have died during the war, his son would carry on his great legacy, and build a model of his plane in his memory."
  • Penelope: "Amber was sent to my old cell in Europe's highest security prison. She didn't seem to mind being there, apparently. If it meant hearing Gustav complain inside his fish tank, then everything was worth it to her. As for Gustav, he was sent to prison for life. Needless to say, we'll never be seeing his ugly face ever again." (The rest of the credits eventually role by. The scene will eventually change to a volcanic region somewhere in an unknown place at an unknown time. Clockwerk flies out of the lava.)
  • Clockwerk: It appears that I have been sent to the past. How could that raccoon have defeated me? I should've killed him! Wait... (Clockwerk comes to a realization.) The Thevius Raccoonus! That book is to blame for all of this!! I must have it for myself! Hmm... It would seem that I am in the legendary Krack-Karov Volcano, also known as "Russia's Bermuda Triangle". This place would make a great base for me. With all of this technology left over from my airship, I'll eventually build a mighty fortress! But I think that will have to wait a bit. I think I'll keep an eye on the Coopers for awhile. And when that raccoon Conner is vulnerable, I'll kill him and take my prize. Nothing will stand in my way then!! Nothing!!! I will soon take all of the world's possessions!! I am Clockwerk, the true Master Thief!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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