Enrique. Drawn by Soul!!

Enrique Ramirez is an anthropmorphic coyote. He is a secondary antagonist in Sly Cooper: Thieves Collide. He is the brawn of The Renegades and the boss of Guatemala City. He is voiced by Benjamin Bratt.



Enrique was born in a small home in Mexico. He was the youngest of five boys where he attempted to learn how to fend for himself, but he ended up being a "momma's boy" Every year, his mother would take him to watch the marchers as they passed through town. They were all big and strong, and from that moment, he knew he wanted to be like them so he could teach his brothers a lesson. One day, his mother told him that he was to live with his grandparents for a few months. During that time, he built his body to one like a god, but when he returned, his family was to scared to except him. Sent out, alone and betrayed, his aggression grew, and his rejection fueled his turn to evil. He began to use his appearence to intimidate others into handing their things to him. Eventually, Interpol caught up to him, and he was sent to jail. Although, his strength gave him an easy escape.

Joining The Renegades

After escaping prison, Enrique was forced into hiding. Where he spent that time, no one knows. One thing known is that a tall man in a trenchcoat found him. At first, Enrique was skeptical, but he decided to go along with this guy's "plan". The man took Enrique to a seret base underwater in the Atlantic. Upon arriving, the man revealed himself to be Jordan Rex, a top Interpol officer. After going into further details of the plan, Enrique was thrilled to join the Renegades, knowing her plans could enforce his own.

Time In Guatemala City

While in Guatemala City, Enrique began his plans before the gang arrived. To form a large army, he would need to make sure no unwanted visitors arrive in his empire. When the gang arrived, Enrique's massive army was already starting to boarder the city. And like El Jefe, he forced his civillians to build a temple to his honor, where he would hide his Renegade satelite, and where he could control his servants.

By the time of Operation: Old Dog, New Tricks, his temple was completed, and the gang navigeted it to reach the inner sactum, where Enrique had built a throne room to his liking. After Sly and Bentley enter, the temple door closes and a booby trap knocks Sly out. Bentley's insticts kick in, and after a short conversation, the battle starts. Bentley beats Enrique and he is sent to prison by Jordan Rex. And like before, Bentley activates the satelite right befor waking Sly and getting out of there.


Enrique also returned in the last episode. He was able to bring an army of guards he had complete control of. He and Gem were able to seperately form these guards into massive killing machines to aid Cornelius, since they didn't have a big part with rebuilding the guy. Unfortunately, like most of the Renegades, Cornelius knocked him out of the building and into the water for doubting his true strength.

True Incarseration

Upon returning to her job at interpol, Carmelita took the time to bust the remaining Renegade members. Like the others, he was sent to Life In Prison, for assisting in both attempted murder and various hate crimes. The epilogue states that after being dumped by Gem, he formed a new pose with some local lifters at the prison. They even sent the gang a Christmas card.


Enrique is cocky and arrogant. He allways thinks good of himself, and worships his body. He is bruttal with his opponents and intimidating to about everyone. Although with fellow Renegade, Crystal MacRelic , he is shown to have a soft side.


Enrique is very tall, thick, and muscular. He wears cut-off blue jeans. He also wears no shoes and no shirt. He has brownish grey fur, green eyes, and long, sharp teeth. His fur is slightly spiky and messy on his head.


Enrique is abnormally strong as he iss seen lifting even Murray over his head. Although, unlike other brutes (Muggshot), he is not stupid. He was able to use his threatning looks to have his guards do anything he wanted, which eventually ended up turning into his drill site.


Journeying Jakals

These jakals serve as Enrique's flashlight guards.

Wimpering Weasels

These weasels serve as the stronger of the two rooftop guards.

Scampering Skunks

These skunks serve as the weaker of the two rooftop guards.

Battle Theme

Theme can be heard here .


  • Enrique was not originally in the game. He was added at a last-minute need.
  • He has some what of a relationship with fellow Renegade Crystal MacRelic, as they are seen flirting with each other back and forth.
  • Despite his arrogent attitude, every Renegade seems to like him. Although, they could be staying on his good side due to his size and strength.

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